Beyond Body Book Review: Read Before Buying!

beyond body book reviews

Your health and well-being depend on your decision to lose weight. Making the decision to lose weight requires a lot of courage. There is a wide range of health-inspired products available as the notion of eating whole foods and staying active regularly gains popularity. One of the most comprehensive is Beyond Body, a personalized wellness program that is available as an eBook or hardcover book and comes with an easy-to-use Assistant App. Are they effective and worthwhile, then? For more details on Beyond Body, read this article.

What Is Beyond Body Book

The Beyond Body Book is a personalized wellness guide that promises that anyone can set and meet a number of fitness and weight loss objectives to boost their confidence. This is accomplished through practices like dietary adjustments, exercise routines, and programs that help people form healthy habits.

The world has never seen a book like this one before. Each copy is made specifically for you, taking into account your dietary preferences, lifestyle decisions, health conditions, and physical limitations.

There are numerous programs that match you with a personal coach, trainer, or nutritionist. Despite the fact that these services are crucial and extremely helpful, not everyone can afford them, and using them virtually isn’t always reliable.

Beyond Body thinks that everyone should have access to personalized health and weight loss information. This manual assists you in creating long-lasting healthy habits that will enable you to lose weight that you can keep off in the future.


  • It provides both a hardcover book and an eBook. You are free to select either one or both of them. 
  • The book ships internationally and is not limited to a few nations. 
  • Beyond Body app also consists of an assistant app for quick help that the book can’t do
  • It is not gender-specific but is suitable for both men and women
  • The prices are significantly less expensive than those of its competitors, despite the fact that it provides too many advanced features.
  • None of its plans offer drastic changes which are white becomes sustainable for your lifestyle
  • Other than the body, the program also focuses on mindset which is why you enjoy long-term success


  • Unlike other programs, you cannot expect video instructions but only rely on pictures to lose weight.
  • Although you cannot manually track your success when in e-book mode, you can feel it. However, using the app to track your progress requires a fee.
  • It doesn’t provide a shopping list.

What’s Inside The Book

The Beyond Body Book contains a wealth of knowledge aimed at assisting you in developing positive personal habits. You can apply these suggestions throughout your hectic lifestyle to balance your healthy choices and feel your best by reading a variety of educational materials that have been specifically chosen for you.

There are even mindfulness practices you can employ to focus on your mental health, which is crucial to losing weight and maintaining overall health.

A 28-day meal plan that has been customized for your unique food preferences, food allergies, and dietary requirements can be found inside Your Beyond Body Book.

Additionally, you receive a 28-day exercise schedule customized for your physical requirements and limitations. You can let the Beyond Body team know if you’ve ever had any injuries that have prevented you from exercising in the past, and they will take that into account as well.

All of your important information is collected in one place—the Beyond Body Book. Each section is individually labeled for easy access, making it portable wherever you go.


Meal Plan

With the help of some questions you answer, Beyond Body develops a customized meal plan that will give your body a balanced diet all day long. You have the option to choose from a variety of meal replacements.

The biggest perk of it is that most of the ingredients are ones you can find in your kitchen frequently and there are no difficult-to-pronounce ingredients.

The diet plan for weight loss also takes care of your allergies and intolerances. It covers ingredients like eggs, peanuts, shellfish, lactose, wheat, gluten, soy, and others. 

Workout Plan

The first stage of the process involves the company giving you a brief questionnaire to learn more about your lifestyle preferences, level of fitness, and preferences. Following that, a customized routine that incorporates strength training and a warm-up cardio workout is created based on the information provided.

Additionally, it offers a cool-down exercise to end your session. If you’re just starting out, you’ll do basic exercises; if you’re a die-hard gym rat, HIIT workouts are waiting for you. After 28 days of continuous use of all of these, you will already be accustomed to your new, healthier lifestyle.

Advantages Of Going With Beyond Body

Reshape Your Body By Eating What You Love

While severely restricting your diet and only consuming low-calorie foods will frequently make it difficult to stick to your diet plan. It’s very difficult to maintain this lifestyle when you’re severely limiting your intake and avoiding the foods you enjoy.

You should occasionally indulge in your favorite foods because you deserve them, but moderation is key. You must continue following your 28-day diet plan.

The customized plan that Beyond Body creates, however, takes into account the things that you simply cannot live without.

Personalized Health Plan

The plan you’re following will help you and your unique needs because you’re getting personalized health information in your book. There aren’t many approaches that work for everyone and last over time.

Simply put, they disregard your medical conditions, dietary restrictions, and physical limitations. When you try to modify your diet on your own, you frequently become discouraged and give up on your diet.

Better Long-term Health

If you want to achieve long-term health, losing weight is essential. If you lose a few pounds now, your appearance and mood will change quickly, but the effects last for years.

beyond body book reviews

You can achieve long-term health that guards against illness and health problems when you take care of your body, exercise, and pay attention to what you put into your body.

Improve Your Mindset

Your mindset is altered in a few different ways by the Beyond Body Books. The personalized information you receive in your personalized book will, to start, put you on the right track with a workable weight loss routine.

Trying to keep up with something won’t immediately demotivate you. Eating a nutritious, nutrient-rich diet that is low in processed and unhealthy foods can also help you to improve your mental attitude.

People often underestimate the impact their diet has on their overall mindset and mental health. Exercise alters your mindset by releasing a variety of uplifting hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

Does Beyond Body Work

You need to be in a caloric deficit if you want to lose weight. Period. This implies that you must take in (eat) fewer calories each day or each week than you expend. All people experience this.

A caloric deficit can be achieved in one of two ways:

  • Moving your body more to burn more calories
  • Eating less food to consume more calories

Beyond Body does a good job of calculating the number of calories you’ll need to consume to achieve a caloric deficit. Additionally, they encourage you to move more in their exercise section.

Does Beyond Body actually function keeping this in mind? Do you think it will actually aid in weight loss?

If you follow the recommended ingredient lists and serving sizes, the Beyond Body program can definitely help you lose weight. It is, however, very expensive and difficult to follow because of the way they have organized your daily meals.

Instead of tasty recipes you’ll actually enjoy and want to follow, the ones they offer are more like healthy ingredient lists.

Where To Buy

You can go to href= for more information on this personalized weight loss program or purchase it yourself.

Right now, a hard copy of the personalized book costs $65 to buy. The price of the book’s electronic version is $40. For $14.99, you can use the app online. Your subscription will renew itself if you decided to order the Assistant app along with your books.

Real Beyond Body Reviews And Average Rating

On the Beyond Body website, there are numerous reviews and user testimonials. Photos are provided so that you can see what customers have been able to accomplish with their offerings.

Women who had given up hope of ever succeeding in losing the extra baby weight after giving birth have turned to Beyond Body. Other people struggled with being overweight their entire lives before making the decision to permanently change their lifestyles.

From ten pounds to forty and fifty pounds can be lost in weight. What you want to accomplish and how much work you’re willing to put in will ultimately determine how much effort you put in.

The Beyond Body Book and app have received reviews that average five stars out of five. The only real complaints I could find were technical in nature, like difficulty logging in.

Reddit Reviews

The majority of people are incredibly happy they bought the book. Reddit users generally agree that the book is very beneficial, packed with knowledge, and simple to read.

TrustPilot Reviews

There are both positive and negative Beyond Body reviews on TrustPilot. However, the book has received an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and is considered excellent.” There are over 2,869 reviews from confirmed customers, which is a sizable sample size on which to base an assessment.

The negative reviews claim that the book is not truly personalized, contrary to what the majority of customers expect when they purchase.

To Sum Up

Despite the fact that the Beyond Body product is relatively new, it has already attracted a large international customer base and received a lot of favorable feedback. A tailored strategy is always advantageous when trying to lose weight. Your decision to try Beyond Body after reading this guide is entirely up to you.

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