7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

An electric toothbrush of high quality has pressure control technology that guards against breaking or damaging braces. See our list of the top 7 electric toothbrushes for braces available online if you currently have braces or are considering getting them. This article explains the key characteristics of the top electric toothbrush for braces and directs you toward making the best decision for your dental needs.

7 Best Electric Toothbrush for Braces

Best Gum Protection: Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 Electric Toothbrush

7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

When compared to a manual toothbrush, the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 Electric Toothbrush has the ability to remove up to seven times more plaque. The gums and teeth are shielded from harsh brushing by pressure sensor technology. Each mouth quadrant can be reached by the top-notch bristles. When it is time to recharge, a light blinks in response to a signal from the battery charging indicator. For veneers, crowns, fillings, and braces, gentle and effective sonic technology is appropriate. The gum and cavity-prevention effectiveness of this electric toothbrush is increased. While you brush your teeth, the quad pacer keeps track of how long it takes you. The curved power tip makes it easy to reach the ends and corners of the mouth. This product has a smart alert that lets you know when you have brushed your teeth for the recommended two minutes. To learn more about the specifics of this product, watch the video review.


• 2-week battery life
• Offers gum protection
• Curved power tip
• Quadpacer
• Pressure sensor technology
• Brush head replacement reminder

Best Dual Cleaning Option: Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Toothbrush

7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

The Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Toothbrush enhances gum health while safeguarding your braces. Without harming the gums, enamel, or braces, the 3D cleaning technology makes sure that your mouth is thoroughly cleaned. If the pressure is too great on the gums, the pressure sensor automatically stops the brushing. The teeth are completely cleaned thanks to the crisscrossing motion of the bristles. Compared to any manual toothbrush, this electric toothbrush has been shown in studies to offer superior cleaning. To remove plaque and ward off gingivitis, it oscillates, rotates, and pulses. A built-in 2-minute timer notifies you to switch your mouth areas every two seconds, and the lithium-ion battery lasts for 14 days between charges. Please watch this frank video review to find out more about the product.


• Dentist recommended
• 3D cleaning technology
• Criss-cross bristle action
• Built-in 2-minute timer
• 14-day battery life
• Prevents gingivitis
• Removes plaque

Best Ergonomic Handle: Colgate Hum Smart Electric Toothbrush Kit

7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

This kit includes an electric brush, a charger, a carrying case, and a refill brush head that lasts for up to six months. It has Bluetooth connectivity, and the brush gives you tips on how to brush and clean your teeth more effectively. You can select the vibration setting for this electric toothbrush based on your preferences. You have the option of selecting regular, deep, or sensitive cleaning. Up to ten days’ worth of use can be obtained from the battery, and Amazon Alexa will alert you when a new toothbrush head is required.

This sonic toothbrush is designed to focus on the areas of your mouth that require extra care and attention. It has a 2-minute timer that prompts you to stop brushing after the advised amount of time. This product has an ergonomic handle that provides a secure grip without becoming slippery when wet. The compact brush head design easily cleans the challenging-to-reach areas, and the floss-tip bristles are gentle on your gum line. Your teeth will be polished by the rubber cups, and your mouth will stay fresh thanks to the tongue cleaner.


• Comes with a refill brush head
• 2-minute timer
• Ergonomic handle
• Adjustable vibrations
• Floss-tip bristles
• Compact brush head design
• Durable

Best Built-in Timer: Phylian Sonic Electric Toothbrush

7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

The battery life of the Phylian Sonic Electric Toothbrush is up to 60 days, and it has a clever 2-minute built-in timer. With the 40,000 vibrations per minute, plaque is removed, cavities are avoided, and oral health is enhanced. This toothbrush is lightweight and portable and performs superbly. You can choose from a variety of cleaning modes, including the sensitive mode for beginners to protect the gums, the cleaning mode for daily dental care, the whitening mode for weekly cleanings, the polishing mode for whiter teeth, and the massaging mode for stronger teeth.

Eight Dupont brush heads—enough for possibly two years—come with this sonic electric toothbrush. Every 30 seconds, an alert tells you to switch the brushing area. This product can be used in the shower thanks to its IPX7 waterproof body, which also makes it simple to rinse your toothbrush. This rotating toothbrush has bristles in the shape of a W that conform to the contours of the teeth and clean nooks and crannies to lessen stains and freshen the breath.


• 2-minute built-in timer
• 40,000 vibrations per minute
• Waterproof body
• Offers gum protection
• Long-lasting battery life
• Portable
• Reduces stain
• Prevents cavities
• Removes plaque

Best Dentist Recommended: Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush

7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

With its three-sided brush head and 31,000 sonic vibrations per minute, the Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush cuts the time needed to brush your teeth in half. It actively lessens gum discomfort, bleeding, and plaque formation. To remind you when to replace your brush head, the blue indicator bristles gradually turn white. The handle has a charging indicator that shows when it’s time to recharge your toothbrush. With pressure control sensor technology built into this electric toothbrush, you can deep clean your teeth while also safeguarding your braces and gums. It has three cleaning settings—clean, soft, and massage—that work to get rid of stains, whitens teeth, and give you fresher breath. You can have a healthy mouth and brush more quickly with the help of the electric toothbrush kit for braces that it comes with.


• Triple head design
• 1-year warranty
• Soft-angled bristles
• Dentist approved
• 31,000 sonic vibrations per minute
• Pressure control sensor technology
• Comes with dental floss

Best Travel-Friendly:Densely Electric Toothbrush

7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

An effective option for people wearing braces is the Dsnly Electric Toothbrush, which is portable. The improved micro brush offers intense cleaning and eliminates 100% of plaque with 40,000 sonic vibrations per minute. This electric toothbrush helps to improve oral health, whiten teeth, and give complete mouthwash. You can choose from five different brushing modes based on your needs for cleaning and the state of your teeth. The white mode is for stain removal, the clean mode is for daily cleaning, the sensitive mode is for beginners and people with sensitive teeth, the polish mode is for teeth whitening, and the massage mode is for soft gum care.

This shower-safe, the washable device is waterproof. It has a two-minute built-in timer that enables you to brush your teeth for the full amount of time suggested by the dentist. When you need to switch the brushing area for effective cleaning, this electric toothbrush pauses every 30 seconds to let you know. When the brush heads need to be replaced, the blue bristles turn white. Round Dupont bristles protect your gums while the W-shaped Dupont bristles and small brush heads easily clean in between your teeth.


• Waterproof body
• 2-minute built-in timer
• Includes three replacement brush heads
• USB fast charging
• Five brushing modes
• 40,000 sonic vibrations per minute
• 30-day battery life
• Travel-friendly

Best Compatible Device: Bestday Sonic Electric Toothbrush

7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Braces: 2023 New Update

Using M1 technology and a maglev motor, the Bestday Sonic Electric Toothbrush is constructed. It is paired with a metal transmission shaft that doesn’t lose power during transmission. By removing stains and maintaining a fresh breath, the 40,000 sonic vibrations per minute. To help with flossing and cleaning in between the teeth, the sonic vibrations also create tiny bubbles. With a battery life of 180 days, this electric toothbrush makes cleaning braces as simple as possible. Because almost any charger can be used with a USB cable, charging is incredibly simple.

You can choose from five different cleaning modes on this electric toothbrush to suit your needs and problem areas. The clean mode is for routine cleaning, the sensitive mode, with 32,000 vibrations per minute, is for sensitive gums, and the whitening mode gets rid of tough stains and plaque. While the massage mode helps to keep your gums healthy, the polish mode gives you whiter teeth. The bristles of this product are made of natural activated charcoal, which whitens your teeth while removing toxins from your gum line. Additionally, it has a practical waterproof handle and a smart vibrating notification timer.


• Travel-friendly
• 40,000 sonic vibrations per minute
• Five cleaning modes
• Waterproof
• Long-lasting battery life
• Compatible USB charging cable
• Ergonomic handle

Choosing the Right Toothbrush for Braces

Pressure Control Technology

You must examine the pressure control capabilities of the electric toothbrush. It ought to be versatile and adaptable to your dental requirements and issue areas. In addition to protecting your gums, this will stop your braces from getting damaged.

Oscillating-Rotating Power

The speed and quality of the work will be guaranteed by the electric toothbrush’s rotating force. You can estimate how long it will take to complete the brushing process and how effective its cleaning process is by counting the oscillations per minute.

Daily Clean Mode

Make sure the electric toothbrush’s daily cleaning mode is easy to use and safe for braces. To brush your teeth quickly, it ought to provide the ideal combination of pressure and oscillations.

Brush Head Type

There are various brush heads available when purchasing an electric toothbrush. But make sure the brush head you pick is appropriate for your needs and suitable for braces.


Always make sure the electric toothbrush’s timer functions properly. It should be precise enough to guarantee that your cleaning takes place within the suggested time. A smart timer will ensure that you are not overextending yourself and cleaning your teeth effectively in a constrained amount of time. When you have braces, brushing can occasionally take too long.

Do Dentists Recommend An Electric Toothbrush for Braces?

While not everyone requires an electric toothbrush, those who wear braces can benefit greatly from them.

You can remove plaque effectively at home with electric toothbrushes. For the gums, which are frequently irritated when teeth are moved around with braces, this has significant advantages.

Cleaning around the wires and brackets can be difficult. By doing the labor-intensive work for you, the electric toothbrush can make brushing around these much simpler.

I’ve discovered that patients are more likely to brush their teeth for longer periods of time because the timers built into the brushes encourage this.

They also contribute to maintaining the health of the gums and teeth because they have been shown to remove more plaque.

Can An Electric Toothbrush Replace a Manual Toothbrush?

Undoubtedly, an electric toothbrush can take the place of a manual one.

Electric toothbrushes remove plaque more effectively than manual ones, according to a number of studies and reviews of the available research (1,2,3,4). Since they are less technique-sensitive, it is simpler for the majority of people to completely remove the bacteria-filled plaque that causes both gum disease and dental decay.

However, if used properly, a manual toothbrush is sufficient. Simply put, using a manual brush makes it very challenging to accomplish this technique.

Close Note: Very Beneficial

To effectively clean and whiten the teeth, selecting the best electric toothbrush for braces can be very beneficial. By using these toothbrushes, you can brush your teeth quicker and prevent braces damage. The majority of electric toothbrushes come with intelligent features that help you brush more effectively while maintaining the integrity of your braces. Your teeth won’t look yellow, stained, or dull from having braces thanks to these brushes’ teeth whitening feature. Consider using the electric brushes mentioned above to deep clean every crevice of your mouth while managing your time more effectively and protecting your braces.

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