Brightside Health Review: Is It Effective?

brightside health

A variety of anxiety and depression disorders are treated by the online therapy service Brightside. Major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders in general, insomnia, and many other conditions are among them. Can you, however, really find effective support for your symptoms of anxiety and depression online? More information about Brightside health is available if you read this article.

What Is Brightside Health

For those suffering from mild to severe depression and anxiety, Brightside Health is an online platform for mental health care that provides medication management and therapy.

You can choose from three various monthly subscription plans with Brightside Health: medication only, therapy only, or a combination of medication and therapy. Only adults in the United States who are 18 and older can access the services.

Using information about your location and schedule, Brightside Health will pair you with a therapist and a psychiatrist. Doctors, schizophrenics, and psychiatric nurse practitioners are among Brightside Health’s medication suppliers.

Psychologists and masters-level therapists are among the therapists employed by Brightside Health. In addition to having training and experience dealing with depression and anxiety, providers are licensed in the state where they work.

Pros And Cons Of Brightside


  • designed for simplicity, convenience, and results
  • providers include certified therapists and psychiatrists
  • medication available as deemed appropriate
  • the mix of therapy, self-care tools, and medication
  • insurance accepted
  • reasonably priced


  • may lack the more personal touch of in-person care
  • not suitable for everyone

How Brightside Works

You first fill out a quick questionnaire detailing your symptoms and medical background.

After that, a Brightside physician will suggest a course of action. You’ll next have a virtual appointment with your doctor to continue talking about your present health.

It will be delivered right to your door if they prescribe medicine for you.

You will continue to adhere to the treatment strategy prescribed by your doctor after that initial consultation. You will be able to message your doctor and speak with them on video calls as your treatment progresses to check in and talk about how you’re doing.

That’s pretty much it; we thought the entire process was incredibly simple, as it should be when receiving care.

There are many reasons why getting treatment for mental health issues can be difficult, but services like Brightside aim to make it simpler, more comfortable, and more convenient.

So the question is, does Brightside succeed in achieving that objective? Should you try it?

We look closely at this telehealth business in this review. We go over everything, including their pricing, services, and delivery schedule. In the end, this article ought to aid in your decision to join Brightside.

What Treatment Options Are Available

In order to develop comprehensive care plans that employ a variety of strategies to ensure the best results, Brightside uses research and therapies that are supported by the best available data. The following are the three main methods of treating depression:

Self-care And Lifestyle Habits

Anyone who joins Brightside as a member has access to tools and resources that can help them develop the resilience and skills they need to complement their therapy and/or medication regimen. To help you along the way, they have a Brightside Skill kit and specialized content.


You can receive professional therapy from a licensed provider through messaging on Brightside, and soon, video as well. The audio sessions you complete will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel better. They are supported by scientific evidence.


Your comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and individualized treatment plan can be provided by licensed professionals at Brightside. Antidepressant drugs, such as SSRIs and SNRIs, may be part of these plans. Once prescribed, they will bring your medication right to your door so you won’t have to stand in a pharmacy line.

Additionally, you won’t ever have to worry about running out because they will deliver to you automatically each month that you maintain your membership. Your doctor will closely monitor you and make any necessary adjustments.

Medication + Therapy

If you want to make the most progress and reap the greatest benefits, you can also combine therapy and medication. To choose the approach(es) that will work best for you and your circumstance, your Brightside provider will consult with you.

Who Is Brightside Health Right For

Adults 18 years of age and older who suffer from anxiety and moderate to severe depression can receive treatment from Brightside Health. Although they are able to treat suicidal ideation, it does not currently offer treatment to kids, teenagers, or anyone else who is suicidal in intent.

Additionally, Brightside Health does not provide or recommend any controlled prescription drugs or ADHD medication.

Those Seeking The Convenience Of Telehealth

Through telehealth, Brightside Health enables you to take part in therapy, medication management, or both. Due to the availability of services in all 50 states, more Americans can now receive treatment.

People who struggle with transportation, have demanding jobs and families, or are under financial stress may find it challenging to receive face-to-face treatment.

People Wanting Evidence-based Treatment

Offering research-proven treatments for depression and anxiety is a point of pride for Brightside Health. This indicates that the therapeutic techniques used by their providers are evidence-based, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Using their online symptom tracker, you can also monitor your progress.

brightside health reviews

How Much Does Brightside Health Cost

Following are the fees for care provided by Brightside:

Medication Plan: $95 per month + your pharmacy copay or $15 per medication. This includes thorough online doctor consultation, monthly medication delivery to your door, and ongoing support and supervision from credentialed medical professionals.

Therapy: $299 per month which includes unlimited messaging and a total of four monthly video sessions with your licensed therapist who will guide you through your personalized program. Additional video visits are available for $59 per session if you’d like them.

Medication and Therapy Plan: $349 per month + your pharmacy copay or $15 per medication. You will receive all the advantages of both the medication and therapy plans with this strategy. Furthermore, you’ll have access to unlimited messaging with your care team and a weekly video session with a licensed therapist who will help you through your program and keep tabs on your progress.

How To Get Started With Brightside

A free assessment is the first step toward getting started with Brightside. To begin, you’ll answer a quick questionnaire with clinical questions about your current state of mind and your goals, as well as a question about whether you’re open to therapy, medication, or both. You’ll see your outcomes and get a recommendation for a particular course of treatment.

After that, you can pick a plan and arrange to meet your provider for the first time at the first session. Following your free assessment, appointments are available within 48 hours.

Insurance Options

Insuring Brightside is possible. You must verify coverage and eligibility in your area if you have insurance, though.

The copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and prescription costs related to your plan will be your responsibility even if Brightside care is covered by it. To make sure that your care will be covered, it’s a good idea to get in touch with your health insurance provider.

Additionally, Brightside accepts payments from flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs).

Brightside’s Privacy Policy

To keep all information private, Brightside adheres to industry best practices. The platform complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and employs encryption to protect all data. The only person with access to your information is your prescribing provider.

Customers Comments

  • Jessie Rivers: Very poor experience with a provider, they asked me what I thought they should prescribe and kept repeating the same intake questions like they were reading from a form and this was their first day. The pharmacy wasn’t even able to fill the med because the provider’s ID wasn’t valid. The McDonald’s of mental health, would not recommend it if you need help.
  • Brianna: They are horrible. My provider would ask me what I think she should be prescribing me. Like what? Not knowledgeable whatsoever and horrible customer service. Never again.
  • Dana C: “I would recommend bright side to anyone with anxiety and depression.
  • Anna W: “I was impressed with how fast I was able to get an appointment as in my area the wait is months long. Also, I received helpful medication quickly which is also hard to get here. My provider is terrific, helpful, and kind. The zoom appointments are great for my hectic life. Really love this program so far!


With the added benefit of online psychiatry, Brightside provides all the benefits of online therapy while also making all types of antidepressant medications available to those who require them. Treatment from Brightside is practical and successful for the majority of patients.

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