Amazon Pharmacy Review: Things To Know

amazon pharmacy

Since the beginning of the pandemic, one of the more practical developments in healthcare has been the growth of online pharmacy services. The expansion of Amazon into the healthcare industry has many facets. These orders will come with free two-day delivery for Amazon Prime subscribers. Members paying out of pocket can receive discounts on brand-name and generic drugs totaling up to 40%. For more information on Amazon pharmacy, read this article.

What Is Amazon Pharmacy

Simply put, Amazon Pharmacy is a prescription drug home delivery service from Amazon (obviously), with a focus on affordable, convenient daily medication. Pills are delivered free of charge through the service in either standard bottles or conveniently labeled daily packs.

In case you or a loved one are the forgetful types who can’t remember if they’ve already taken their pills, the pill packs are designed for anyone who takes more than one medication per day. Each pack is individually labeled with the date and time for each dose.

How Does Amazon Pharmacy Work

While Amazon Pharmacy is only available in the US, it’s worth mentioning that it does deliver to the all-too-often underserved There are two territories mentioned: Alaska and Hawaii.

It is supported by your healthcare provider and staffed by pharmacists, just like any other pharmacy. You can choose the least expensive option if your insurance has negotiated a lower price, and it’s also HSA and FSA eligible.

It also promises discounts for Prime members that could be greater than your insurance co-pay. Without a prescription, you can directly compare prices and check to see if Amazon carries a specific medication.

For both generic and name-brand medications, Amazon offers discounts of up to 80% and 40%, respectively.

Although the procedure for filling your prescription is similar to that at a typical pharmacy, there are a few minor obstacles. You can enroll without any prescriptions, transfer an existing one from your current pharmacy, or begin with a fresh prescription from your primary care physician.

You add your insurance information during signup. You will then receive a notification that you can actually purchase your medication after Amazon’s pharmacists have confirmed your prescriptions with your doctor, which usually takes a day, according to Amazon.

Once everything is set up, you’ll be given the option of paying with your insurance or paying cash. If you choose the latter and are an Amazon Prime member, you’re also eligible for an additional Prime discount.

Except for the lead time and refills, it’s a similar experience to Amazon’s PillPack service. With vanilla Prime Pharmacy, you can receive your prescription one week after your appointment. Due to the way PillPack packages pharmaceuticals, there’s an additional two-week wait for your prescription prep.

In the meantime, you will be sent Amazon Pharmacy bottles containing enough medication to last through this period, but the way refills are handled ensures that this is only a temporary inconvenience.

While you can ask your provider for refills directly or ask Amazon Pharmacy to do it for you, PillPack will ask your provider for refills six weeks in advance to give you enough time to prepare.

Who Is Amazon Pharmacy For

It appears that the target market for this is anyone who regularly fills prescriptions. It seems even better for Prime members with the allure of sometimes beating out insurance co-pays.

The pill packs are a valuable free addition for anyone who takes multiple daily pills. Even though your scripts would arrive in two days with Prime, this is obviously not the right option for anyone who only requires a single prescription for an antibiotic.

The prescription discount card somewhat makes up for that, but if you’re sick of driving to CVS once a month and filling a pill sorter once a week, it’s definitely much more worthwhile to look into.

amazon pharmacy review

It’s important to keep in mind that not all chronic conditions will respond well to this service. It’s not the end of the world that all prescriptions for controlled substances must be obtained directly from your doctor through E-Scribe, but Amazon does not schedule schedule-II medications at all.

As a result, those who take opiates to treat ongoing medical conditions or those who take similar drugs like Adderall will need to fill their prescriptions at a different pharmacy. Amazon Pharmacy isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and it can be a hassle to visit CVS or Walgreens every month for your refills.

If you have Prime, you might still be able to get a reasonable discount on those prescription drugs, but if you don’t purchase anything else from Amazon, that doesn’t really put GoodRx ahead of it.

It’s worth checking out Amazon Pharmacy if you already have Prime and regularly fill prescriptions to see if you can save some time and money.

With all the free games available on Prime Gaming, you may as well squeeze one more dime out of your prime membership to eliminate one more monthly chore from your to-do list.

What To Consider Before Using Amazon Pharmacy

For consumers who use Amazon Prime, the new pharmacy option is worth checking out. However, whether it provides a better deal than your present pharmacy will depend on your insurance coverage and medical requirements. Do the following to aid your decision-making:

Check Your Healthcare Plan

Verify that Amazon Pharmacy is compatible with your health plan. Although Amazon claims to be compatible with the majority of plans, you must first sign up to find out. The 800 number for your plan can also be used to inquire.

Compare The Costs

The Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization that conducts healthcare research, you should also find out if your plan offers lower drug costs if you use a different pharmacy.

Some plans might provide discounts, for instance, if you mail an order from a specific pharmacy.

Calculate Spending

If you have a high deductible, consider your healthcare expenses to determine whether the savings card will be useful to you.

If you haven’t reached your deductible, paying without insurance may result in financial savings, but the expenses won’t be applied to it, according to Schwartz. Be sure to confirm that card’s acceptance with your pharmacy.


Like other online pharmacies, Amazon Pharmacy guarantees to alert you to any potential drug interactions that could have a negative effect on your health. They also have pharmacists on the phone who can address any concerns you may have.

In the event that you fill prescriptions in more than one location, issues may go unnoticed if you don’t list all of your medications when you sign up.

You won’t get that from an online pharmacy if you’re the type of person who regularly consults their neighborhood pharmacist with questions and for advice.


Free delivery is crucial for those who don’t drive, live a long way from the closest pharmacy, have chronic illnesses, or have mobility issues that make going to the pharmacy challenges.

Regardless of where you purchase your medications, that’s worth a few extra dollars, especially if you’re trying to stay at home during the pandemic.

Reasons Why Amazon Pharmacy May Not Be Right For You


As a result of years of relationship building, you like your pharmacist and the staff.


To sign up with Amazon Pharmacy, private information is needed. Today, a lot of Americans worry about Big Tech and what they might do with your drug list’s private information.


If you have food poisoning, a poison ivy reaction, a UTI, or a yeast infection, you may need help right away.  You should use a neighborhood pharmacy because of the discomfort these conditions cause.


You are not yet eighteen. To use the pharmacy on Amazon, you must be at least 18 years old. 


You reside in Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, or Minnesota. As of right now, Amazon Pharmacy is prohibited in those five states. You must deal with the weaklings!

Specialty Items

You require a specially formulated medication, such as a bio-identical hormone-based cream, pill, or special ointment.

Schedule Ii Drugs

You cannot purchase Schedule II drugs from Amazon, such as Ritalin for ADHD or Dilaudid for pain. In spite of the fact that it’s challenging, you can still purchase those from any pharmacy.

But if you want heroin or cocaine, move to Oregon where they’ve recently been made widely available without a prescription or a pharmacist’s help!

Prices Of Amazon Pharmacy

The fact that Amazon has its own pharmacy and delivery network is a novel idea for those without insurance, which may be advantageous for those who buy their medication entirely out of their own pockets.

This will be advantageous for a lot of consumers who pay with cash. There is also the matter of customer service, i.e., a pharmacist.

Although Amazon claims to have pharmacists on hand around the clock, it is unlikely to take the place of people’s neighborhood pharmacists, whom they may have been visiting for years, particularly for compounded medications, which Amazon does not currently provide.

If you have that connection, you’ll still discover that it is valuable. Delivery and price are the two main focuses of Amazon. Amazon always acts with a purpose in mind.

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