13 Best Swim Goggles For Kids 2022

best swim goggles for kid

Goggles can help protect your child’s eyes from chlorine and ultraviolet rays whether they are swimming competitively or just enjoying the occasional summer dip in the pool. Children who spend a lot of time in the water need goggles, and finding a pair they adore can boost their confidence and enthusiasm for swimming.

Are you looking for a fantastic set of children’s swimming goggles? The top 13 kids’ sunglasses will be discussed in this guide.

Should Children Wear Swimming Goggles When They Go To The Pool?


Children should wear swim goggles when they visit the pool for three very important reasons.

The first reason is general safety.

The human eyeball isn’t built to see well in the water. The underlying science is straightforward: Under the surface, light refraction is much slower than in the air.

Kids who are wearing goggles can better see their surroundings, including other swimmers in the pool and the location of the wall when swimming laps. Swim goggles improve your vision. Simple as that.

The second reason is kind of icky.

How many times have you exited a chlorinated pool only to discover that your eyes were irritated and red?

Swimmers frequently attribute eye irritation to chlorine, but the problem goes much deeper than that. Sweat, poop, and other bodily waste are all things that swimmers have a nasty habit of leaving behind in the pool.

When these foreign substances interact with chlorine they create a whole new compound called chloramines (also known as “combined chlorine”).

These pesky little buggers are to blame for your eyes being so irritated and for the poor air quality in poorly ventilated pools. While you won’t be able to unread how disgusting this point is, at least you’ll have more incentive to convince your kids to wear swim goggles.

And finally, swim goggles are a great tool for encouraging confidence in the water.

Getting their face wet and submerging their eyes, nose, and mouth is one of the first steps for many kids to become confident in the water.

It goes against every bodily instinct that we have. Giving your toddler or child swim goggles can help them get over their natural apprehension about submerging their face in the water for the first time.

Best Swim Goggles For Kids

Best Overall: Speedo Hydrospex

Speedo Hydrospex

Impressive goggles, the Speedo Hydrospex remained in place despite our attempts to move them (jumping, diving, underwater acrobatics, and lap swimming). The slight tint that offers sun protection without changing the color of the environment or underwater vision was well-liked by test subjects. Many of our testers of various ages preferred the goggles because they are cozy, leak-free, and a good choice.

Most Comfortable: TYR Swimple Kids Goggle

TYR Swimple Kids Goggle

These goggles have a release button on the head strap that can be used to adjust the strap as the swimmer grows. The ultimate in comfort Durafit silicone gaskets and a close-to-the-eye but not overly tight fit are two features of these TYR goggles, which are made for children between the ages of 3 and 10.

For athletes’ eyes, UVA/UVB protection and anti-fog are crucial, and a watertight seal also keeps out chlorinated water.

Best Pack Of Goggles: OMERIL Swim Goggles

OMERIL Swim Goggles

The OMERIL Swim Goggles are sold in sets of two and include a clear, soft-sided, zippered carrying case. With the push of a button and the pull of a strap, the goggles can be adjusted on each side by the eyepieces. This feature lets older kids make their own adjustments, saving parents from having to make numerous adjustments to get the right fit.

The goggles are comfortable and remain in place while being worn while swimming and jumping, according to test subjects. In our tests, these goggles didn’t fog up or leak, and they gave a clear view of the underwater environment. Our testers continue to gush about these goggles and prefer them to rivals even after months of consistent use.

Best Design For Younger Kids: Speedo Kids’ Sunny G Seasiders

Speedo Kids' Sunny G Seasiders

Thanks to their fashionable appearance, convincing your young swimmer to wear these goggles will be simple. Children ages 3 to 8 must have Speedo goggles, which come in a variety of colors and lens shapes.

The goggles are as simple to put on and take off as pressing a button thanks to the simple toggle bungee strap, which won’t yank your child’s hair out. Young swimmers will fit comfortably thanks to a flexible frame that adapts to smaller faces, and the anti-fog feature provides a clear view underwater. UVA/UVB protection is also offered by this eyewear.

Best For Easy Adjusting: Little Twist Goggles

Little Twist Goggles

A lot of people connect the name Zoggs with sunglasses. The company was founded 30 years ago, so its swimming knowledge spans three decades. Our youngest tester readily put on these Little Twist goggles because of the straps’ underwater-themed illustrations. But these offer much more than just kid-friendly looks.

The back of the goggles, with its ingenious push button, is where the real genius lies. These were by far the simplest to adjust because the button was in the middle of the strap. To loosen or tighten, all you had to do was push the button.

The straps were the widest of those we tested, enabling a snug fit around our youngest tester. She also mentioned how UV-protected, blue-tinted lenses are excellent for swimming pool lighting. There were no issues with leaks, and the fog was controlled. There is no denying the quality, which makes them ideal for routine use.

Best For Outdoor Swimming: Bling2o Jawsome Swimming Goggle Baby Blue Tip Shark

Bling2o Jawsome Swimming Goggle Baby Blue Tip Shark

The Bling2o jawsome swimming goggles let swimmers channel their inner Jaws. The razor-sharp teeth on the lens and googly-eyed décor on the frame of these goggles undoubtedly add to their fun factor, but we wondered if novelty would triumph in the end.

Our six-year-old tester found these to be sharp all around, the lenses to be a little wider gave better visibility underwater, and the glasses to be a comfortable fit. The strap’s back clip is made for simple adjusting and removal without yanking hair as well!

They don’t contain latex, and have an anti-fog coating, UV protection, and a silicone nose piece for added comfort. Just beware you may find a “shark” roaming the house once swimming time is over. While we can’t fault the quality of these—they are the most expensive of those we tested—you might want to consider how many years of use you have.

Best For A Pool Party: Seago Kids’ Goggles

Seago Kids' Goggles

Swimmers who want to see more of the underwater scenery will benefit greatly from these wide-view swim goggles. For those who dislike the way a traditional goggle fits, the mask-fit design offers a panoramic view and a snug fit.

Your child’s eyes are shielded from water by a watertight seal, and their eyes are shielded from UV rays by a UV treatment. Swimmers can clearly see everything below the surface thanks to the anti-fog coating.

Best For Active Kids: Frogglez Swim Goggles

Frogglez Swim Goggles

These goggles feature a strong neoprene head strap so they will stay on an entire day whether your child is jumping waves in the ocean or performing cannonballs in the deep end. For kids who complain that goggles hurt their heads, these swim goggles are excellent. Additionally, they have the most recent technology, such as UV protection and anti-fog coating.

Although the goggles are made to fit the majority of children between the ages of 3 and 6, the manufacturer advises that you measure your child’s head to make sure the strap will fit properly. Another benefit is that these glasses float!

Best Budget: Skoogles Kids Swim Goggles

Skoogles Kids Swim Goggles

The Skoogles Kids Swim Goggles came in a fun car-shaped case, which our testers thought was awesome. It helps keep goggles secure when traveling or when not in use and has an easy-to-open and close zipper. These specifications guarantee a snug fit, an unimpeded view, and no leaks of water during testing. Our testers loved how they could stay on during play, and we appreciate how straightforward the design was.

Compared to the competition, these tie-dyed goggles have a small eye-opening. Older kids or those with wider face shapes may have issues with this design. While none of our testers encountered any issues, we believe that for some users, the design could lead to fit issues.

Overall, we believe that if you need a good pair of goggles but don’t want to break the bank, this budget-friendly product is a good one to take into account.

Best For Recreational Use: Aegend Kids Kids Swim Goggles

Aegend Kids Kids Swim Goggles

For families with multiple children or with one child who frequently loses and breaks things, this two-pack of swim goggles is especially convenient. Your children will be able to spend more time swimming and less time fiddling with their goggles thanks to their soft silicone material, which also offers a comfortable fit and a waterproof seal.

The straps are simple to tighten or loosen as necessary thanks to a quick-adjust strap. Reflective lenses deflect sunlight, and an anti-fog coating prevents condensation. The widest age range we’ve seen for these goggles is 4 to 16 years old.

Best Value: Nabaiji Swimming Goggles X-base Print L

Nabaiji Swimming Goggles X-base Print L

The sporting behemoth Decathlon offers an impressive selection of reasonably priced swimming accessories. We were concerned that these goggles would only be used occasionally because of their price tag, which was just under five pounds, but we were wrong. They are the least expensive pair we reviewed, but we still think highly of them.

The anti-fog coating, UV protection, and adjustable buckle at the back were used independently by our 12-year-old tester (younger children would need assistance). But the patented adjustable nose bridge, which enables a custom fit and prevents unsightly goggle marks, must be the highlight for us.

Best For Swimmers With Thick Hair: Soaked Junior Goggles Piranha

Soaked Junior Goggles Piranha

The wide split head strap was a game changer for putting these goggles on and off for our six-year-old tester because she has thick hair. Our tester particularly enjoyed the slightly blue-tinted lenses of the azure colorway, which we chose. These have a wider lens and anti-fog technology, which also improves visibility.

Both the strap and the nose bridge can be adjusted, but we found that doing so required adult assistance and wasn’t particularly simple to do. Having said that, they held their shape well after being adjusted, and our tester thought the split strap and silicone seal made for a cozy and safe fit.

Best Field Of View: Aqua Sphere Vista Junior

Aqua Sphere Vista Junior

Little ones will want to spend a lot of time in the pool using this mask to explore everything underwater. Because of the wide field of view provided by the curved lens, swimmers feel more secure while submerged.

The mask-style goggles are comfortable and snugly fitting, but they don’t leave marks around the eyes, which is a telltale sign of a too-tight fit. They are designed to sit on the cheekbone and lower forehead. The straps can be easily adjusted with a push-button buckle, and UV and anti-fog protection keep the sun out of your child’s eyes.

How Do I Pick The Best Swim Goggles For Kids?

When on the hunt for the best swim goggles for your kiddo, there are some key things to look for:


The majority of swim goggles feature straps and gaskets made of silicone, which are cozy for wear at any age. Avoid Swedish goggles for younger children as they have a hard plastic gasket that will irritate the orbital socket.

The silicone gasket has another use as well; it creates suction as it gently penetrates a child’s face, preventing any water from penetrating the lens.


You already know that children develop quickly. You can help your child grow by purchasing goggles with movable nose pieces. Additionally, quick-and-easy sizing adjustments are made possible by head straps that are simple to adjust (either on the back or side of the goggles).

The Swimming Is How Serious?

While all the goggles on this list are great for beginner swimmers, if your kiddo is taking up competitive swimming there are more “elite” swim goggles that are made for juniors.

The Speedo Vanquishers are fantastic all-purpose swim goggle that is also readily available in a TON of color and tint options, making them perfect for more serious tadpoles.

Optical Or No?

There are options available for your child if they require prescription swim goggles. Similar to adult swim goggles, the selection is much smaller, but there are some chic options on the pool deck.


Nearly every pair of goggles available on the market claim to be anti-fog, but this does not imply that they always remain so. During manufacturing, a delicate anti-fog spray is applied to the inside of swimming goggles.

It will eventually wear off, but it will do so more quickly if your child wipes the inside of the goggle lens with their fingers.

There are anti-fog sprays available on the market that can prolong the effectiveness of the original anti-fog, but the best way to do so is to remind your young swimmer not to rub the inside of the goggles with their fingers.


When choosing your child’s swimming goggles, you have a variety of lens choices. Here are some ideas for you to think about.

best swim goggles for kid
  1. Polycarbonate Lenses: The best lenses are those of this type because they are frequently more durable than glass or plastic and won’t break on impact. They are also lighter and more comfortable to wear.
  2. Mirrored Lenses: Mirrored lenses are ideal for blocking out additional sunlight because they emit a darker tint. They are ideal for bright, sunny days, keeping your child’s eyes safe while they splash around in the pool.
  3. Prescription Lenses: Children who wear glasses but aren’t quite ready for contacts can try out prescription lenses. They would need to be customized, but they’re perfect for kids who want to swim without their glasses.

How Should I Take Care Of My Child’s Swim Goggles?

Although buying swim goggles is not a particularly expensive investment, it can be very upsetting when they malfunction or break. Here are some simple tips to care for your child’s swim goggles:

Rinse With Fresh Water After Use

In a swimming pool, chlorine works wonders to prevent bacteria growth. However, with enough time and use, it can also cause swim goggles to fade and crack.

Giving all of your swim gear, especially a child’s swim goggles, a quick rinse with fresh water after exiting the pool will help it last longer.

Avoid Touching The Goggle Lenses

Swim goggles’ anti-fog coating is susceptible to wipes and fingertips, as was previously mentioned. The coating’s deterioration is accelerated by finger oil.

If at all possible, let the goggles air dry before storing them in the bag. Avoid using a towel to dry out the inside of the lenses; a good shake after rinsing will do the trick instead!

Store ‘em Cool And Dark

Finally, remember to keep your child’s swim goggles out of the sun (or extremely cold weather) to help prevent UV degradation, which can eventually cause the rubber to crack and split. This is especially important after the laps are finished and the Sharks and Minnow competition has been decided.


Before Wearing Swim Goggles, How Old Should A Child Be?

Since swimming lessons aren’t advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics until age 1, most manufacturers create swimming goggles for kids ages 2 and up. Even though younger swimmers might not require goggles, it doesn’t harm to introduce them to a set if they feel comfortable donning them. If they decide to swim competitively, they will eventually feel more at ease wearing them.

What Is Necessary For A Proper Fit?

The ideal swim goggle fit is the result of many factors. Swimmers should purchase the right nose pieces as these allow the goggles to form a “seal” on the eye socket. In competitive swimming, having a second strap is essential because it keeps the goggles in place.

Another thing to think about is where the straps should be placed. For better performance as well as greater comfort, goggle straps should cross in the middle of the back of the head.


For younger children just learning to swim, picking the appropriate goggles is crucial. Every child can find something in this lineup of competitors, whether they want the best leak-proof lap swimmers, a little sun protection, or simple-to-adjust straps.

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