How To Wash Period Underwear: Things You Need To Know

How To Wash Period Underwear: Things You Need To Know

In order to ensure that your period underwear lasts as long as it can, it’s critical to follow the right care procedures. At least knowing that period underwear is fairly simple to maintain and wash will allow you to sigh with relief. We’ll go over some of the frequently asked questions we get about cleaning period underwear.

Does Period Underwear Need to Be Pre-washed?

Wang says you should rinse your period underwear thoroughly before putting them in the washer.

“Always rinse period underwear in cold water after use until the water runs clear,” she advises. “This aids in removing extra stains and stopping buildup.”

Wang advises us to wait to put them in with the rest of our dirty clothes after finishing the first step. “Prior to placing it in the hamper, make sure that your period underwear has completely dried on the air.”

How to Machine Wash Period Underwear

Your Proof underwear can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. You can simply throw it in with the rest of your laundry without performing any pre-wash rinsing.

Use gentle laundry detergents because bleach and harsh chemicals can damage the quality of your underwear.

If you prefer to wash your period underwear by hand, do so either for their safety (you don’t want them getting misplaced or put in the dryer!) or so you can decide what happens to them.) or to ensure they last for as long as possible, then go ahead. Only use gentle products, and let them air dry naturally.

When soaking or washing your period underwear, stay away from hot water. This may lessen the impact of our special Leak-Loc™ technology, which we developed to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. After washing your underwear, lay it out flat to dry or hang it up.

How to Hand Wash Period Underwear

Rinsing your period underwear by hand will suffice if you don’t have access to a washing machine with a good cool setting. Washing your pants as soon as you can after wearing them is generally a good idea, and doing so by hand will make cleaning them much simpler.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) run a cool tap over your undies and add a small amount of hand soap or laundry detergent to the mix. Use gentle soap only because products with harsh chemicals can harm the fabric of your panties.

2) Rub your underwear’s fabric against itself to gently scrub away any stains.

3) Check that the blood is coming off by rinsing every few seconds. You can rinse your underwear with more fresh, cool water once this is finished and the water starts to run clear.

4) As soon as you’re finished, spread them out or hang them to dry naturally.

How To Wash Period Underwear: Things You Need To Know

Underwear Cleaning Tips

Here are 7 underwear cleaning tips to help you keep your underwear looking and feeling fresh:

1) Hand rinse your Proof panties in cold water before you wash them

2) Use a mesh bag to keep your undies in good shape if you put them in the washing machine

3) Lay your panties flat or hang them up to dry instead of using a dryer

4) Do not iron your undies as heat can damage the materials

5) Steer clear using hot water, bleach, and abrasive detergents. This can cause discoloration and damage your underwear in the long term

6) Wash them soon after you’ve worn them, rather than letting them sit in the laundry basket – giving your underwear a quick rinse by hand is a great way to keep the gusset fresh

7) Avoid light colors – unless you always know when your period is coming, there’s a good chance you can get caught out by the start or tail-end of your period, so avoid wearing normal light colored underwear around your period

How to Dry Period Underwear

You should really pay attention to this step if you want to avoid shrinkage or harm to the absorbency feature. Most of the brands whose products we cited advised against using a dryer, instead advising hanging up your period underwear or laying them out flat to dry.

How Long Does Period Underwear Take to Dry?

Period underwear’s absorbency level typically affects how long it takes for them to dry. Depending on where you live and how you dry them, it usually takes between two hours and two days. To hasten the process, gently squeeze out any extra water by hand before hanging the items.

Blotting your underwear with a towel or laying them out on a different dry towel will help them dry quickly. The panties inside the towel should be tightly rolled up. To gently wring out any moisture, press down on it. It should be unrolled so that you can hang the underwear to dry (laying them flat takes longer).


Period underwear can last you years of use if you know how to properly care for it. They’ll treat you well (gently) if you do the same for them.

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