How Long Are Dates Good For? How To Store It?


Because of their numerous known health advantages, dates are a popular daily snack among many people. They are sweet fruit with high nutritional value. Dates come in a variety of forms and varieties.

If dry ones are what you prefer, you can purchase fresh, semi-dry, or dry ones. Whatever option you decide on, you’ll probably be curious about when dates expire or how to store them to extend their shelf life. Let’s see.

How Long Are Dates Good For

Dates can last one to three months at room temperature. They keep their quality for six to twelve months in the fridge. Freeze the fruits for even longer storage.

Generally speaking, storage times decrease with an increasing variety of softness.

Therefore, it is much better to refrigerate soft ones if you purchase them because they will likely only last a month or so at room temperature. However, if you purchased a semi-dry or dry variety, they will likely retain their quality for a longer period of time and refrigeration may not be required.

How to Tell If Dates Are Bad?

The Dates Are Discolored Or Moldy.

Simply put, as the moisture in the dates decreases, the crystallized sugar has been drawn to the surface. It is best to throw away dates if you notice that they have mold or have become noticeably darker on the interior or exterior.

They Smell Bad.

A clear indicator of spoiled dates is the smell. Although the aroma of these amber-colored fruits isn’t particularly potent, it’s probably subtle and mild. It’s time to throw away your dates if you smell something strongly unpleasant or rotten, so pay attention to this odor.

You Find Visitors in Your Dates.

Consider this a good justification for breaking open dates as opposed to biting into them. Organic dates may draw bugs, spiders, and worms because they aren’t treated with pesticides; these creatures typically burrow inside the fruit. The presence of tiny, brown specks that resemble sawdust could be a sign of pests. Although it might not occur frequently, this is actually not unusual. Just a few days after writing this, by luck (or misfortune), I discovered a worm in one of my dates while blending a smoothie.


Tips to Store Dates


The most important aspect of date storage is maintaining them at room temperature in a dark, dry area. High moisture can cause the growth of mold, while excessive heat hastens spoilage. So, the pantry is the best place to keep these fruits.

Furthermore, dates have a very low water content, and high temperatures make them even drier. In the coldest part of the pantry, preferably on shelves that are closer to the floor, if you live in a warm climate.

Unconsumed dates should be put in a glass jar, a container with a tight seal, or a resealable zip bag after you have opened the package, and then placed in a corner. By doing so, they will be able to last you for the entire year until you use them up.


White mold will quickly grow on an open date pack if you keep it in the fridge. As a result, you should wrap the dates in transparent foil and then tightly seal the container.

You will increase their usefulness by doing so. You must reseal the package after each use of dates in order to keep the fruit from getting too much moisture.


The so-called freezer burns are the biggest risk associated with freezing dates. Dates should be wrapped in aluminum foil and put in a freezer-safe container if you want to keep them for a long time.

If not, you won’t be shocked to learn, after defrosting them a few years later, that the dates have lost their usability.


The introduction of dust, insects, or potential bacteria from date bark into your body can be avoided if you make it a habit to wash your fruit before eating it.

But keep in mind that it is best to wash dates right before eating or preparing them because if you don’t, they might absorb too much water, lose quality, and start to mold. It is best to place them in a sieve dish and wash them under a stream of cold, clear water.


Dates that have been forgotten about are frequently solid, dry, and difficult to chew. Fortunately, if they don’t exhibit any signs of spoilage, you can revive them.

Dates should be placed in a pot of boiling water after it has cooled for ten minutes. Remove them and dry them with a paper towel after 30 minutes. Fruits no longer appear rubbery or dry, and a significant portion of their freshness has been restored.


The Risk of Consuming Expired Dates

Dates are among the fruits that can be eaten without risk after a few months of pantry storage. Therefore, just because you forgot you had a package and it seems fine, there is no need to discard the entire package.

There are currently no credible studies that demonstrate eating spoiled dates poses any health risks. The only issue is that if you keep them for too long, they’ll get tough, difficult to chew, and overly sweet.

The fact that dates are high in fiber, potassium, and sugars should not be overlooked. Thus, a high intake may result in health problems like hyperkalemia and gastrointestinal problems.

Dates can cause skin rashes, redness, stinging in the eyes, and watery eyes in some people who have them over time. Remember that eating dates that are moldy can make you sick. As a result, never eat fruit that has gone bad without first checking for signs of spoilage.

Can You Freeze Dates?

Dates can easily and quickly freeze because of their high sugar content. Putting the entire package in the freezer will be the easiest for you to do if you buy dates in bulk.

Without a doubt, the quality won’t suffer if you freeze it for at least three years. Namely, dates thawed at room temperature have an almost identical taste to those from the freshly open package

Dates must be moved from their original packaging into an airtight container if you want to freeze them after they have been kept for a long time in the refrigerator. Mason jars, zip-top bags, and glass Tupperware are additional options.

Take the dates out of the freezer a few hours before using them if you decide to thaw them. If you’re pressed for time, putting dates in a bowl of hot water will hasten the defrosting process. In about 30 minutes, they will be ready for use.

Never thaw frozen dates in the microwave. If not, the dates’ texture will be ruined by a quick thaw at a high temperature.


A fruit with a nearly endless shelf life, dates are very nutrient-dense. For many years, you can store them securely in your refrigerator or pantry. But you should freeze them to keep them from losing quality over time.

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