Yoga-Go Review: Does It Help Lose Weight?

Yoga-Go Review: Does It Help Lose Weight?

Physical stretches and exercises are necessary to build a strong body, mind, and spirit. A good option is a yoga. Yoga Go is a fitness app that has grown in popularity on Facebook thanks to its impressive 4.5-star rating on the App Store and Google Play. This article will discuss the Yoga-Go App Review, which has simple yoga poses and a supportive community to join in while on a weight-loss or spiritual journey.

What Is Yoga-Go App

Yoga-Go App is thought of as an app that aids you in the areas of exercise, health, and fitness, among many others. This app is a one-stop shop for free yoga studio sessions at home to breathe, relax, stretch, and burn calories.

This app is specifically designed for people who are unable to dedicate more than 30 minutes or travel to gyms and trainers in person. Professional instructors who can be completely trusted created the courses and recorded them.

Along with personalized workout plans for yoga, pilates, and other exercises as well as challenges like a 30-day weight loss challenge, the app has more than 300 asanas for users to practice.

Key Features Of The Yoga-Go App

  • Home-based personal yoga studio
  • It also provides a customized plan for you to follow.
  • Men and women face different levels of difficulty.
  • Numerous options are available, including Pilates, Yoga, strength training, breathing exercises, and stretching.
  • better sleep, back pain relief, weight loss, calorie burning, etc.
  • With the assistance of qualified coaches, every course has been developed.
  • It doesn’t require much of your time and offers you simple workouts, to begin with.
  • Within 7 to 30 minutes, they promise the burn up of more than 200 calories.
  • Yoga-Go App offers a workout experience without the use of any equipment.

Benefits Of Yoga-Go App

  • Yoga poses burn fat and calories
  • Yoga sculpts your body
  • Yoga poses make you stronger and more flexible
  • Yoga manages everyday stress
  • Yoga improves your sex life

What Is The Process Of The Yoga-Go App?

It is a straightforward app to use; all you need to do is download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for your Android or iOS device, respectively.

With yoga, the app promises observable results. If you choose a paid plan, it also offers a schedule for months and weeks. The app offers simple exercises. It has simple-to-follow video tutorials. The app offers workout suggestions for individuals between the ages of 11 and 67.

Yoga-Go App is designed for beginners to advanced users who want a free home studio for yoga, flexibility, Pilates, workouts, and other activities.

Does Yoga Go Help In Weight Loss?

In the reviews, it has also been discussed whether the app aids in weight loss, with some reviewers asserting they noticed a difference after using the app consistently.

“One reviewer remarked, “I actually noticed the tiniest bit of weight loss around the belly when I measured, so it’s doing something right either alone or in combination.

“Excellent way to restart your life. gaining fitness and shedding 2 kg. taking pleasure in the exercises,” added another.

Yoga-Go Review: Does It Help Lose Weight?

Plans & Pricing Of Yoga-Go App

  • The Yoga-Go App has two plans- one annually and one monthly basis.
  • The Yoga-Go App has a $12 monthly fee.
  • Yoga-Go App costs $99 a year.
  • For new users, the app also provides a 7-day free trial period.

Where Can I Get The Yoga Go App?

On the other hand, Yoga Go can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. The app’s official website, Yoga-Go.Fit also provides additional information about it.

Subscription Information You Should Know

The app is free to download. A subscription is required for further use.

  • You pay the fixed price for your nation, which is shown in the app when you choose a subscription.
  • Upon confirmation of your purchase, money will be deducted from your iTunes Account.
  • If auto-renewal isn’t disabled at least 24 hours before the current period’s end, the subscription will renew on its own without action.
  • Within 24 hours of the current subscription period’s end, a renewal charge will be made to your account.
  • After making a purchase, go to your Account Settings to manage your subscriptions and stop auto-renewal.
  • Your subscription will remain active following cancellation up until the end of the current billing cycle. The current subscription won’t be refunded, but auto-renewal will be turned off.

User Reviews

  1. Absolutely not what was promised!!! To get personalized programs you have to pay additional fees for each item. Additionally, although it was advertised as $12.99 for the year, I ended up paying almost $26. I’m going to stop using this service, ask for a refund, and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about its misleading practices, false advertising, and excessive fees.
  2. Scam. Unnoticed auto payments double the sign-up fee and are committed to in some unreadable small print. I would not have renewed because I really disliked the format.
  3. I am regrettably canceling my subscription and asking for a refund after numerous frustrating and fruitless attempts to get this app to work. When (if!) the video would freeze, the countdown would still be going.) the video started again, it had jumped forward many poses.
  4. Your level will be set based on your initial quiz for each workout. When I finally decided on a workout schedule, I realized it was appropriate for my experience level even though at first I wasn’t sure what to do. Choosing the workouts I feel like doing on any given day is probably also a good idea, but I wish there had been more direction or guidelines on which exercises to perform in what order. The face and neck exercise is my favorite. I had no idea that self-massage of the face and neck could be likened to exercise before. It felt so good!


To sum up, the Yoga-Go App is fantastic for getting started with yoga. You can complete your entire workout at home without leaving the house, and you don’t even need equipment to get started. It is a fantastic app to use as your at-home yoga and workout trainer without needing to take more time off and without any special equipment.

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