Chromium Picolinate Review: Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Chromium Picolinate Review: Does It Help You Lose Weight?

We usually concentrate on a diet of our choosing and regular exercise when we’re trying to lose weight. And while maintaining a healthy diet and an exercise routine together is always a good idea, sometimes it just isn’t enough.

A supplement form of the mineral chromium is called chromium picolinate. Numerous of these items make claims about enhancing nutrient metabolism and causing weight loss. Does Chromium Picolinate Actually Help You Lose Weight? Please continue reading if you want to learn more about chromium picolinate.

Chromium Picolinate

A mineral called chromium can take on various shapes. A safe form is present naturally in many foods, whereas a hazardous form can be found in industrial pollution.

Trivalent chromium is a safe form that is typically regarded as essential, which means that it must be obtained through diet. Although some scientists question whether this mineral is actually necessary, it does have a number of critical roles to play in the body.

For instance, it is a component of the molecule uromodulin, which supports the actions of the hormone insulin in the body.

Your body processes protein, fat, and carbohydrates with the help of the pancreatic hormone insulin. Interestingly, less than 2.5% of the chromium that is consumed by the body is absorbed in the intestines.

A different form of chromium, called chromium picolinate, is more readily absorbed. This sort can frequently be found in dietary supplements because of this. The mineral chromium is joined to three molecules of picolinic acid to form chromium picolinate.

Potential Side Effects And Contraindications

Chromium picolinate should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, people who have liver or kidney disease, a thyroid condition, an allergy to leather, or people who are mentally ill. Insomnia, agitation, headaches, difficulty concentrating, liver problems, and difficulties with coordination are all possible side effects.

In order to ensure that chromium supplements are safe for you to take, consult your doctor before taking them. Chromium supplements may interact with some medications, including corticosteroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antacids, and diabetes medications.

If you’re concerned about the potential side effects of supplements, you can get your chromium by eating foods like broccoli, eggs, green beans, whole grains, or nuts because dietary chromium appears to be as bioavailable as chromium picolinate, according to the Linus Pauling Institute.

Chromium Picolinate And Appetite

Because of its potential effects on a person’s appetite, chromium picolinate may aid in weight loss if that is the case. In an 8-week study, chromium picolinate supplementation helped overweight women with carbohydrate cravings better manage their appetites and calorie intake, but it did not result in appreciable weight loss.

The results were published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics in 2008. Given that this was a small study with only 42 participants, additional research is required to confirm these findings.

Chromium Picolinate Review: Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Chromium Picolinate And Weight Loss

We can now discuss the use of chromium picolinate for weight loss since we’ve already discussed the overall significance of chromium. Bodybuilders and athletes now frequently use chromium picolinate as a dietary supplement to support fat loss and help them maintain muscle mass while working out.

It’s normal for your body to use up both your muscle mass and the fat that has been stored in order to reduce the number of pounds you are carrying when you exercise or are in a calorie deficit. However, losing muscle mass causes your metabolic function to decline, which is not a sacrifice you should be making

. A chromium supplement may be advantageous to take along with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Does It Help You Lose Weight

According to the most recent research, chromium picolinate is ineffective at helping overweight or obese people lose significant amounts of weight. Even when combined with exercise, it seems to be even less successful in people of normal weight.

Numerous studies have looked into whether chromium is a useful weight loss supplement because of its part in nutrient metabolism and potential effects on eating habits.

In a thorough investigation into whether this mineral aids in weight loss, 9 different studies with 622 overweight or obese participants were included. In these studies, chromium picolinate dosages up to 1,000 μg/day were applied.

Overall, this study discovered that in overweight or obese adults, chromium picolinate caused very little weight loss (2.4 pounds or 1.1 kg) after 12 to 16 weeks.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the supplement’s efficacy was still unknown and that the impact of this amount of weight loss was questionable.

A similar result was reached by a detailed examination of the available chromium and weight loss research. Only 1.1 pounds (0.5 kg) of weight were lost with chromium supplementation when 11 different studies were examined, according to the researchers.

No effect of this supplement on body composition (body fat and lean mass), even when combined with exercise, has been shown in numerous other studies in healthy adults.

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Customers Reviews

  • “Before taking this medication my cholesterol was extremely high, over 600. My bad cholesterol dropped to 233 after a year of chromium supplementation. Unbelievably, my doctors ordered me to have the bloodwork redone because they were so surprised. I’d suggest it to anyone who doesn’t want to take prescription medications that are stronger, once more 233.”
  • “Type 2 diabetes is what I have. Despite taking metformin, my sugar level didn’t significantly decrease. Within two days of taking a daily 325 mg chromium supplement, my blood sugar was back to normal.”
  • “Type 2 diabetes affects me. Despite taking metformin, my blood sugar wasn’t dropping very much. After adding 325 mg of chromium per day as a supplement, my blood sugar levels returned to normal within two days.”

The Bottom Line

The type of chromium that is most frequently found in dietary supplements is called chromium picolinate. It could help diabetics lower their blood sugar or enhance their body’s response to insulin. Additionally, it might aid in lowering hunger, cravings, and binge eating.

There are still some unanswered questions regarding how chromium picolinate aids in weight loss, but studies are currently being carried out to ascertain the precise connection between chromium and weight loss. However, it’s crucial to speak with a doctor before taking chromium picolinate for weight loss.

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