Slimming Belly Pellet Reviews: Does It Work?

slimming belly pellet reviews

A weight loss supplement called Slimming Belly Patch works to help you get rid of that troublesome fat while keeping your body from accumulating more fat in the interim. The manufacturer of the product asserts that the combination of ingredients will reduce appetite and accelerate fat oxidation. Does it really aid in weight loss? Look at what we discovered, if you will.

What Is Slimming Belly Patch?

A weight-loss supplement called Slimming Belly Patch may include bitter orange, cassia seeds, hawthorn, Poria mushrooms, and Chinese skullcap. Will these ingredients live up to their promises?

  • Molecular Medicine Reports – “Commonly found in the making of other herbs is cassia semen. Despite the fact that current research has demonstrated that this substance alone has a number of pharmacological effects.”
  • Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine – “Poria cocos is an edible medicinal fungus known as “Fuling” in Chinese and has been used as a form of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years.”
  • International Journal of Medical Sciences – “p-Synephrine has been shown to increase energy expenditure and resting metabolic rate. When used for six to twelve weeks, products containing bitter orange extract and p-synephrine also showed modest increases in weight loss.”

Also included in the Slimming Belly Patch are angelica Sinensis and Alisma Orientalis. It should be applied to the midsection and left on for a minimum of 12 hours each day. It is said to aid in fat loss and appetite control. The ease of use is one advantage.

No date is given for the launch of the Slimming Belly Patch, but Kiyeski is the source of the specific slimming patch under discussion. Several independent retailers offer the product for sale.

slimming belly pellet reviews

Features Of Slimming Belly Patch

Effective Slimming

Slim patches block out extra suet, starch, and sugar and reduce their absorption to help you burn fat accumulated around your body. These slimming pellets also increase blood circulation around your body. In addition, herbal belly pellets balance your excess appetite and promote better metabolism in a healthy and safe way.

Safe & Non-irritating

Ivy and tea extracts are among the natural botanical ingredients used in these slimming pellets.

Breathable And Comfortable

After being applied to your navel, the helpful patches prevent a moist and uncomfortable feeling. The patch adheres to the navel with ease and has a quick and strong adhesion.

Easy To Use

Put these pellets right on your navel. You can use one patch per day for 8 to 10 hours. The recommended use time is greater than 10 hours.

How Does It Work?

It is a special weight loss supplement formula that aims to burn off stubborn fat. These fats may be the result of overeating, drinking alcohol, or not exercising enough. The pellet, meanwhile, stops your body from accumulating more fat.

Stress and toxins are the main causes of fat and disease. If you’re willing to accept the suggested changes. You can lose all of your extra fat and reach your ideal weight quickly with the aid of detox slimming belly pellets.

It facilitates rapid weight loss by delivering its natural ingredients through the skin. The ingredients include:

slimming belly pellet reviews
  • Fagara
  • Argyle Wool
  • Natural Mountain Honey
  • Sun-dried Longan
  • Sichuan peppercorns
  • Chinese Mugwort (Wormwood)

The combination of all the natural ingredients promotes quick weight loss. Particularly for those who lack the time for rigorous exercise or a strict diet, these pallets exist.

Side Effects Of Slimming Belly Patch

The frequency of Slimming Belly Patch side effects has also been mentioned as a problem.

  • “Today is my first day using the Slimming Belly Patch, and I’m already seeing irritable skin,” said a customer.
  • “Not only did I gain weight, but now I have a rash all over my stomach,” commented a user.
  • “I wore each patch for 24 hours, and had redness around the spot I applied it,” reported a dieter.
  • Although a few clients complained about unfavorable side effects, this wasn’t always the case.
  • “They have really been working, no rashes, itching or burning,” stated a customer.
  • “I’m sensing the warming of my skin. [The skin was slightly red, but there were no rashes.” reported another.

Our research demonstrates that the likelihood of long-term success is diminished if a specific component of a weight-loss product is deemed concerning, such as causing unfavorable side effects. We become dubious about the Slimming Belly Patch if users are reporting negative side effects.

Typical Slimming Belly Patch Pricing

Many thousands of different brands sell the Slimming Belly Patch. Some of the more popular on Amazon include:

  • Mugwort Naval Sticker – $11.99 (40pcs)
  • Contouring Patch – $25.88 (5pcs)
  • Wormwood Belly Patch – $11.99 (40pcs)
  • MYMI Wonder Patch – $14.99 (10pcs)
  • Slim Patch – $18.99 (100pcs)
  • Belly Button Patch – $7.99 (30pcs)

Customers Reviews

  • Just as described and I’ve been using it for a while, I can’t honestly say I’ve seen any weight change but it has helped balance out my “indigestion” and feeling bloated. I haven’t changed my diet, so these have undoubtedly played a role.
  • After a month of use, I was left with a square mark where the plaster was still visible.
  • Don’t work too lightly after following instructions. A month later, nothing had changed. Waste of money


If you want to lose weight quickly but don’t have time to diet or exercise. Look no further and do not waste your time, detox slimming belly pellet is especially for you. It is made of all-natural components that effectively burn fat without causing any negative side effects.

However, there is no research to back up the weight-loss claims, so we are dubious about this one. Additionally, the unfavorable customer reviews that highlighted negative side effects and ineffectiveness worried us.

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