Liver Health Formula Review: Protect Your Liver

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The state of your liver is crucial. You should check the condition of your liver because approximately 2 million people per year pass away from liver diseases. One of the most vital parts of your body is your liver. Your blood sugar levels may become out of control, your brain pressure may rise, and other metabolic issues could result from liver disease. The Liver Health Formula ingredients, cost, mechanism of action, and other details will be discussed in this article. Please read this article before making a purchase of this item.

What Is Liver Health Formula

The liver health supplement Liver Health Formula from PureHealth Research is advertised as supporting overall liver health. Online reviews of Liver Health Formula generally describe it as a natural supplement that promotes healthy liver function and combats cellular liver damage on various levels. One bottle of Liver Health Formula contains 60 gummies. Turmeric, dandelion, and beet are among the ingredients listed on the supplement’s label as being particularly effective at improving liver function. Online reviews of the liver health supplement indicate that it should be effective for everyone. These claims will be supported in the sections that follow, which will also reveal the real background to Live Health Formula.

Ingredients Of Liver Health Formula


Curcumin, which is present in turmeric, is responsible for the root’s vibrant yellow-orange hue. The liver benefits greatly from it. Turmeric not only removes toxins from the body and repairs cells, but it also produces antioxidants like glutathione and fights free radicals. Additionally, liver fat deposits, fibrous tissue, and harmful immune cytokines are all decreased by curcumin.


The distinctive red pigment found only in beets is loaded with the antioxidant betalain. The antioxidant properties of betalains help glutathione. The natural pigment lowers immune system indicators while raising the liver’s detoxifying enzyme levels. Beets will also improve the blood flow to your liver.


The advantages of dandelion in treating liver and stomach issues have long been known to the Chinese and Native Americans. Numerous studies show that the flower’s abundant polysaccharides guard the liver against acetaminophen damage. Dandelion boosts bile production while aiding in the organ’s detoxification.

Milk Thistle

A typical component of traditional medicine is a plant called milk thistle. This member of the daisy family of flowers is beneficial for problems with the gallbladder and liver. It blocks toxins and combats free radicals, according to numerous studies. Improvements start to show within two months and include assistance with protein synthesis, a decrease in fibroids, and a lowering of immunity markers.

Artichoke Extract

Low in fat is the lovely artichoke flower. It also has a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Numerous nutrients, including folate, the vitamins C and K, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron are abundant in artichokes. As a result, it is a great way to increase bile, lower immunity markers and fat, lower fat, and remove toxins from the body. liver health


Many cultures all over the world use ginger to treat swollen joints as well as issues with immunity, cognition, and breathing. The root also has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which means it may benefit liver health. Including ginger in your diet will lower your levels of troublesome immune markers and liver enzymes as well as enhance the sensitivity of your blood sugar hormones.


You may be familiar with alfalfa, a soluble fiber-rich superfood. Vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K are particularly abundant in them. Niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, iron, healthy saponins, and protein are all abundant in alfalfa. The herb helps people who have indigestion, high cholesterol, diuresis, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, and other conditions. A bottomless supply of digestive enzymes like amylase, invertase, and pectinase can also be found in alfalfa.


A piperine extract that is easy for the body to absorb is called bioperine. An active antioxidant found in black pepper is called piperine. It increases curcumin absorption by 2000%. In addition, it modifies immune markers and fights off microbes, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and free radicals. Consequently, Bioperine is essential for preventing chronic diseases.

Price Of Liver Health Formula

Price per bottle of Liver Health Formula is $49, but if you buy multiple bottles, the price per bottle drops to $33 or $39 instead. Here is how the pricing is divided up: 1 Bottle: $49 + Free Shipping 3 Bottles: $117 + Free Shipping 6 Bottles: $198 + Free Shipping Two free eBooks, including “Whip-Fast Memory in Just 10 Minutes a Day” and “The 5 Step Plan for Great Digestion,” are included with all purchases as part of a current promotion.

How Does Liver Health Formula Work

According to PureHealth Research, supporting your liver with natural ingredients offers a host of potent advantages, including:
  • Regain your youthful energy levels
  • Help lose weight and melt stubborn belly fat
  • Renew sharp thinking
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Boost healthy digestion
  • Look and feel years or decades younger
All ages are obviously interested in the aforementioned advantages, but older adults, many of whom have seen their cognition, energy, and weight problems deteriorate over time, find them to be especially crucial. To achieve these advantages, the Liver Health Formula includes components like turmeric, dandelion root, and beetroot. Antioxidants, which are abundant in ingredients like turmeric, may support overall health and wellness in your body. In contrast, plant extracts from beetroot and dandelion have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to support liver health. How effective is Liver Health Formula? Examining the supplement’s ingredients in more detail is a good idea.


Take two liquid max softgels for adults each day, ideally with food. Not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or nursing, those who have had kidney stones, or those who have bowel or bile duct obstructions. Before using, talk to your doctor if you take any medications or if you have any health issues. If you are allergic to ragweed or flowers that resemble daisies, stay away from this product. Before having liver function tests, let your doctor know you’re using this product. Stop using this product right away if any negative reactions happen, then see your doctor. Underage users are not permitted to use this. Use caution if the seal under the cap is broken or missing. Keep children away from this. Store in a dry, cool environment. You may be exposed to chemicals, such as lead, through consumption of this product. Lead is known to the State of California to result in birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Scientific Evidence For Liver Health Formula

PureHealth Research has not investigated Liver Health Formula, tested the formula in clinical settings, or offered concrete evidence the supplement delivers on its promises. The business, however, is reliant on independent research conducted by other scientists. Liver Health Formula’s ingredients have each been the subject of scientific study, which may indicate that the dietary supplement lives up to its claims. Below, we’ll go over a few of those pieces of proof. First, many people take turmeric supplements daily. Turmeric is rich with curcumin, a popular ingredient for supporting inflammation. Despite the fact that Liver Health Formula withholds the curcuminoids’ concentration information, some formulas contain 95% curcuminoids by concentration. Studies have suggested that turmeric can enhance liver function. As WebMD explains, many people take turmeric to target non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is the buildup of fat in your liver even if you drink little to no alcohol. According to research, turmeric may help those who have this condition lower the markers of liver damage. In people with this condition, turmeric may also help stop the accumulation of additional liver fat. However, there are also reports of turmeric worsening liver health. In 2019, researchers examined two cases of liver damage brought on by turmeric use and discovered it was caused by ingesting high doses of the spice. However, turmeric is a widely used and well-liked supplement linked to supporting a number of health and wellness benefits, including your liver. The dose of turmeric in Comparable turmeric supplements like Liver Health Formula are more compact. Most dietary supplements use doses of 750 mg to 1,500 mg of turmeric, or a smaller dose of turmeric that contains 95% curcuminoids. When compared to other turmeric supplements, Liver Health Formula’s 300 mg dose of turmeric with an unlisted curcumin concentration is considered to be rather ineffective. Liver Health Formula also contains a significant amount of beet extract. Beet has long been used to support the health of the liver. In fact, beet frequently appears on lists of the “best foods for your liver” and “foods for detoxifying your liver.”” Beet juice is consumed by some people. Others consume beet extract, such as that found in Liver Health Formula. Dandelion extract requires more study before it can be said with certainty that it benefits liver health, similar to beets. Early research suggests that dandelion extract might benefit your liver in a number of ways, though. The Liver Health Formula’s other ingredients aren’t present in sufficient quantities to significantly support liver health. Although artichoke is linked with liver benefits, most artichoke supplements use a dose of 500mg per serving or higher – 10x stronger than the 50mg dose in Liver Health Formula. The other listed ingredients in Liver Health Formula, including gingeralfalfa, and L-cysteine, also seem comparatively weak, and we’re skeptical they significantly impact liver health at these dosages. Overall, there is evidence that the herbs turmeric, beet, and dandelion in Liver Health Formula may support liver health, though you should be able to find stronger doses in other supplements (especially at this price point).

Do Liver Health Supplements Make Sense

We typically reject the notion that taking supplements is necessary for liver health. There doesn’t seem to be much evidence that taking supplements for liver health improves health outcomes for healthy adults, and the practice seems absurd given that a healthy liver already removes toxins from the bloodstream. By adopting new habits, such as abstaining from illegal substances and over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers like Tylenol, which are toxic to the liver in high doses, liver health can be improved. Alcohol consumption can be greatly improved by reducing consumption. Additionally, there are dietary modification techniques that have been shown to improve liver health. In the review that is linked, it is shown how eliminating processed foods from the diet, increasing fiber intake, and consuming more omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish) can improve liver health and lower the risk of developing diseases like fatty liver. Some supplements may be helpful for patients with liver damage, but the dosage must be much higher and the product type (extract vs. raw powder) is often different from that in Liver Health Formula. We advise against taking supplements from Amazon because liver injury is a very serious category of disease with frequently fatal outcomes. Instead, we advise patients with any type of liver injury to talk to their doctor about supplements that are supported by science and are taken in the right dosages.

Final Thoughts

A liver support supplement called Liver Health Formula makes claims that it can aid in weight loss, detoxification, cognitive function, and other things. Overall, Liver Health Formula has been shown to have ingredients that can support your liver in a number of ways. Given the average doses of the majority of the ingredients in the Liver Health Formula, it’s unlikely that it will be the “miracle” cure that PureHealth Research has advertised. Regular patients can improve their diet by replacing processed foods with whole foods and fish, staying hydrated, cutting back on the use of illegal and over-the-counter drugs, and alcohol.

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