The Differences Between Dechoker And LifeVac


The Dechoker, which prevents choking, uses suction to open an airway. It can save lives by applying pressure to any obstruction with its pull handle. It is incredibly lightweight and portable.

Safekeeping is provided by a metal container. A plastic wall-mounting storage unit is included with LifeVac is another excellently portable anti-choking device. It has two different kinds of masks for adults and kids, as well as an easy-grip handle that creates suction.

What Is LifeVac

LifeVac is a life-saving tool that is easy to use for both adults and kids. No electricity is required because manual suction is used to remove anything blocking the airway. Any person weighing at least 22 pounds (including children) can use it because the suction is so low and controlled at 30 mmHg.

How Does LifeVac Work

LifeVac is specially designed using a patented valve that prevents any air from leaving the mask. The valve’s construction also prevents food and other items that could be obstructing your airway from slipping lower.

Unlike a plunger, which would operate similarly (i.e.e., pushing in air and suctioning it back out), whether it is food or another foreign object, LifeVac offers a one-way suction that removes the obstruction from the airway.

Who Can Use LifeVac

When someone needs their airway cleaned right away after choking on something, you can use LifeVac. According to the statistic, LifeVac has saved lives from 3 weeks of age to 96 years old over the course of a year. Two mask sizes are available; for children and adults.

LifeVac does not require any prior medical issues. Regardless of a person’s health issues, you can use it. For most people, it employs a secure suction. Therefore, it is safe to say that LifeVac is suitable for both adults and children starting at the age of one.


What Is Dechoker

Dechoker, which is similar to LifeVac in that it clears your airway of any debris that may be blocking it, is another airway clearing device. Any adult or child may use it, but the child must be at least one year old. Dechoker is intended to function for everybody, regardless of any existing illness or condition.

Dechoker is simple to store until needed thanks to its compact design. Get the Dechoker tool from wherever it is kept and use it on the person who has a blocked airway.

How Does Dechoker Work

When the victim wears the mask, Dechoker activates.s mouth and inserts the tube into the throat. The device then suctions whatever obstruction is in the airway as the plunger is pulled.

Dechoker is regarded as safe to administer to a conscious subject. It’s interesting to note that despite the tube being inserted into the throat, most people claim it doesn’t hurt.

Who Can Use Dechoker

People of any age can wear Dechoker due to its small size. There is only one restriction: Infants under the age of one year cannot use it. Dechoker has a small cylindrical shape and is available in three sizes: one for toddlers, one for kids, and one for adults.

Children should be between the ages of 1 and 3. 3 to 12 years old is the appropriate age range for children, and 12 and older is the recommended age range for adults.

Differences Between Dechoker And LifeVac

Different Sizes & Shapes

Dechoker and LifeVac are shaped very differently from one another. They differ in both their structures and shapes. Both devices use valves to simultaneously allow air to enter and exit their masks. Dechoker is available in three sizes: toddler, child, and adult, and has a large syringe-like shape with a tube.

LifeVac, on the other hand, adopted a policy of one device per family member. Masks for adults and children only need to be purchased. Because the LifeVac differs from the Dechoker in that it lacks a tube, there is no risk of objects falling into the throat.


In an emergency, the weight could be a crucial factor. Additionally, it determines if you’ll stick with yourself in the long run. You might not want to bring an anti-choking device everywhere you go if it weighs too much.

Dechoker’s anti-choking tool weighs nothing.6 pounds. Contrarily, LifeVac weighs only 1.01 pounds. It is clear that LifeVac weighs twice as much as Dechoker.


An anti-choking device requires training because it must be used correctly to save a life.s life. Both devices come with comprehensive training materials. official websites. You can find video files there that show you how to use certain things.

Life-Saving Stories

What could be more motivating than real-life success stories? You will get to see them when you visit Dechoker and the official websites for LifeVac As of March 2022, Dechoker had saved more than 274 lives. On its official website, you can find those stories.

There is a Hall of Saves at LifeVac where all of the victims are displayed.s life they have saved over the year. LifeVac has reportedly saved 303 lives to date, according to their website.

Easily Accessible

A metal container that will safely and securely hold your device is included with the Dechoker. Additionally, you can mount it on a wall so that it is simple to get to in case of an emergency.

LifeVac includes a travel kit with a secure plastic zipper bag but does not offer a wall mounting kit. Using this bag, you can travel with the device easily and store it safely at other times.


Compared to its rival LifeVac, Dechoker is less expensive. A Dechoker gadget costs $39 to buy.95 after a discount on its official website. LifeVac costs $69 to purchase.95 with a travel kit. Most importantly, if a life is saved using one of their products, Dechoker and LifeVac both offer a free replacement.

Where You Can Buy

The two most well-known anti-choker devices are LifeVac and Dechoker. They gained notoriety for their availability, superior quality, compact design, and simplicity of use. Both devices are easily accessible in various superstores and any over-the-counter drug store.

Aside from that, you can find both of them on Amazon. They can be found on their official website as well.

You will find Dechoker and The USA are covered by LifeVac devices. In addition, they can be bought in Japan, Europe, and Canada.


As a result, as you can see and must have noticed, Dechoker and LifeVac both serve the same overall purpose, which is to open up an airway by sucking out obstructions so that air can pass through the mask.

Even though the two devices serve a similar purpose, a closer look reveals a number of differences that can frequently serve as indicators for consumers to compare and choose which one of the two to buy.

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