How Long Is Mavic Air 2s Battery: 31 Minutes Flight Time

How Long is Mavic Air 2s Battery: 31 Minutes Flight Time

The DJI Mavic Air 2s is a superb consumer drone. It combines the superior camera capabilities of the Mavic 2 Pro with the svelte design and high-end features of its predecessor, the Mavic Air 2.

However, users are less certain about the Mavic Air 2s’ battery timing than they were about the Mavic Air 2 before.

How long is the Mavic Air 2’s battery good for? The DJI Mavic Air 2s battery will provide 31 minutes of flight time in a windless environment, per the manufacturer’s specifications. The actual flight time can, however, differ significantly.

Let’s investigate more thoroughly and find out how long the Mavic Air 2s flight time is.

Mavic Air 2s Battery Specifications

The Mavic Air 2s makes use of the exclusive Intelligent Flight Battery system from DJI. It consists essentially of a battery system inside the battery pack that is integrated with a smart battery management system.

The most recent Li-Po cells, which are pricey but have a high energy density, are used in the Mavic Air 2s Intelligent Flight Battery. As a result, you get high capacity per unit weight.

An intelligent battery management system (BMS) that is already a part of the battery ensures that charging and discharging of the battery takes place safely and without causing cell damage.

Additionally, the BMS makes sure the battery enters hibernation during prolonged storage periods. Some Mavic Air batteries won’t charge right away after unpacking because of this.

The Intelligent BMS is what keeps your drone and the battery operating safely. It updates the IMU on the battery’s condition in real time.

It aids in accurate calculations of remaining battery life in the air and stable energy dispatch.

What Wh is a DJI Air 2S Battery?

It’s best to become familiar with the Air 2S battery’s technical specifications first. The watt-hour (Wh) is a unit of measurement that experts frequently use when comparing batteries.

The power capacity of a battery can be expressed in terms of watt-hours. For instance, a 50Wh battery can produce 50 watts in an hour and 10 watts in five hours. Let’s examine the Air 2S battery’s precise watt-hour capacity.

Battery capacity for the DJI Air 2S ranges from 41.4 Wh to 40.42 Wh. The Air 2S drones that are included in RC Pro controller bundles have a 41.4 Wh battery installed. Contrarily, the standard smart controller combos come with Air 2S drones that have 40.42 Wh batteries.

Why watt-hours are important to you as a pilot may be something you’re wondering.

Well, if you’re a casual traveler who isn’t interested in learning about the specifics of battery performance, it might not be.

The fact that a larger battery has its own set of minor benefits is significant for the more enthusiastic pilots, though. It aids in drawing accurate comparisons between various drone models.

A higher Wh battery performs more work before requiring recharging, which is the key point. In the long run, this saves you money and saves you some time in preparation, depending on your maintenance methods.

Another way to examine a battery’s capacity is through the mAh measurement. In the section after, we go over that and other pertinent features.

How Long is Mavic Air 2s Battery Life?

Let’s get back to our main query: how long is the Mavic Air 2’s battery flight time? According to the official specification sheet, the Mavic Air 2s battery should give you a flight time of 31 minutes in ideal condition.

But as we all know, the specifications offered by the company are always recorded in a perfect setting. That’s why DJI always mentions the “no wind” condition whenever it specifies the battery flight time.

What does the “no wind” condition even mean?

The direction of the wind has a significant impact on the timing of the batteries. When flying against the wind, a lot of energy is used to combat the effects of the wind, which causes the battery to run low quickly.

A controlled environment with no wind is used by DJI whenever it tests the flight time of a battery. This might be a sealed building area.

Providing a common baseline for reporting the specification is the main goal of doing this. Therefore, we consider this the longest flight time under ideal circumstances.

How Long is Mavic Air 2s Battery: 31 Minutes Flight Time

Is the Mavic Air 2 and 2S Battery the Same?

Is there a difference between the Air 2S’s battery and that of its predecessor? is one of the most frequently asked questions about the device. Here’s the answer.

Similar batteries power both the Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S models. The Air 2S drones, however, come with a different battery when purchased with the new RC Pro controller bundle. These new batteries are the same kind as the old ones, but they have more capacity.

These “new” batteries are reportedly exclusive to the Not sold separately, the RC Pro controller bundle. As a result, it is much more likely than not that a randomly chosen Air 2 or 2S will have the same batteries.

Chemically speaking, the two battery types differ. But the large battery capacity doesn’t necessarily translate into noticeably better performance. Take note of how the Air 2S battery with the larger capacity also runs at a lower voltage.

In fact, DJI made a point of emphasizing that both batteries offer essentially the same performance.

On the other hand, enthusiastic pilots have conducted their own research. Their findings support DJI’s assertion because the newer battery version can only extend Air 2S flight time by up to a minute.

How Long Does It Take for DJI Mavic Air 2s Batteries to Charge?

Similar to charging your phone, charging your drone batteries takes time. For better results, you should always use the recommended 38 Watt charger

One Mavic Air 2s battery will take approximately one hour and forty minutes to fully charge when using the DJI-supplied single battery charger.

At this time, when the temperature and humidity are both within normal bounds, the conditions are ideal.

You will also receive 2 extra batteries and a series charging hub if you purchased the FlyMore combo. You can charge all of your batteries in series overnight using the charging hub.

All of the batteries won’t be charged at once by the charging hub. The batteries will be scanned, and it will begin by charging the one with the highest charge level to 100% before moving on to the next one.

The charging hub can charge all three of your batteries in up to five hours, depending on the charge level.

Use a third-party charging hub like this one, which supports parallel safe charging, if you want to take it a step further and charge all of your batteries simultaneously to get them fully charged quickly.

Conclusion: Take Care of Batteries

By adhering to recommended usage, storage, and maintenance procedures, you can properly care for DJI Air 2S batteries. These involve charging them only when they’re cool (ideally between 22 and 28 °C), discharging them to at least 30% before recharging, and storing them with a battery level between 40 and 60%.

One thing needs to be made clear, though: the first point does not suggest that you should use an air conditioner or other device to hasten the cooling down process. Your batteries might be internally harmed as a result. Let their temperatures drop naturally instead.

You’ll need to employ a variety of strategies to keep your batteries in pristine condition. However, the reality is that the typical pilot doesn’t need to delve into every one of them.

Your batteries will last for a long time if you adhere to DJI’s instructions and actively implement some (tested) advice.

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