First Day Vitamin Review: Is It The Best For Women And Kids?

first day vitamin

Providing your kids with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive is important, as any mother who has kids will attest. And if you’re a woman, you already know how crucial it is to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you require. Because of this, First Day Vitamin developed a line of vitamins that are especially suited for women and kids.

So is First Day Vitamin the best for women and kids? In this article, we’ll explore First Day Vitamin. Please keep reading.

What Is First Day Vitamins?

For kids between the ages of 3 and 13, First Day Vitamins offers a daily multivitamin subscription service that is all-natural and scientifically formulated. You can skip to that section right away if you’re only interested in the women’s multivitamin gummy, which is also available.

In 2017, when Alice and Andy, two friends, began to wonder how vitamins were created and what benefits they were actually offering, they came up with the idea for First Day Vitamins. Studies show that many children’s multivitamins on the market have dosages of most ingredients that are much higher than daily recommendations—by as much as 1000% in some cases!

They developed the idea of creating a superior children’s vitamin. a vitamin free of all the filler found in conventional children’s vitamins, with a scientific and natural foundation. In fact, if you were to examine the ingredients of some of the most well-liked children’s vitamins sold at drug stores, you would probably be horrified by the list, especially the amount of sugar.

Pros Of First Day Vitamins

  • fruit and vegetable products that are organic.
  • Free of fillers, allergens, artificial sweeteners, and dyes.
  • 100% vegan – made with pectin, not gelatin.

Cons Of First Day Vitamins

  • Picky eaters should avoid this item because it is only available in one flavor.
  • Because it lacks other essential nutrients, like choline, it cannot be used as a prenatal vitamin for women.
  • Does not contain iron; vegans, vegetarians, and some children should supplement separately.

How Exactly Do First Day Vitamins Function?

Simply go online and select either the Kids or Womens (or both!) tabs to start the process.) to choose which product you want to order. Then, you can decide whether to make a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription.

first day vitamin

If you decide to go with the subscription option, you’ll end up saving $5 per bottle and will also save more money over time since you’ll receive refill pouches rather than having to buy more single-use containers.

Who Should Take First Day Vitamins?

Women’s Daily Supercharge and Kids Daily Essential are the two products that First Day Vitamins offers. While Women’s Daily Supercharge is recommended for women ages 18 and older, Kids Daily Essential is made for boys and girls ages 3 to 13.

Ingredients Of First Day Vitamins

There are 2 grams of sugar in each gummy for women and kids. Since artificial sweeteners are not used, this is a comparatively small amount of sugar. For both adults and children, the recommended dosage is two gummies per day.

Both the women’s multivitamin and the children multivitamin have the following:

  • Vitamins A: origin: organic carrots. Assisting the immune system and promoting healthy eyes and cells are two benefits of vitamin A. In their formula, two forms of vitamin A are found.
  • Vitamin C: found in strawberries, peppers, and oranges. Some pediatricians advise taking vitamin C to lengthen the common cold and similar viral infections.
  • Vitamin D3: It is a substance found in mushrooms that helps with bone growth and the immune system.
  • Vitamin E: found in spinach, almonds, and avocado. It has been demonstrated that vitamin E benefits the immune system, the heart, and the eyesight.
  • Vitamin K: discovered in soybeans and natto. Hemoglobin improvement and calcium regulation are both helped by it.
  • Vitamin B1: sources include whole grains, legumes, and seaweed. These B vitamins help with cellular maintenance and provide energy for the metabolism.
  • Vitamin B2: derived from soy, asparagus, and spinach. Riboflavin, a form of vitamin B2, improves cellular health, helps with vision, and provides energy for the metabolism.
  • Vitamin B6: bananas, potatoes, and chickpeas as sources. It assists with enzymatic reactions, immune assistance, and hemoglobin improvement
  • Vitamin B12: derived from peas, lentils, nuts, and seeds. It aids in the production of red blood cells and the development and improvement of brain function.
  • Folate: found in broccoli, brussel sprouts, and leafy green vegetables. promotes cellular growth and power. The type of folic acid that is typically found in breakfast cereals and most common vitamins—unmetabolized folic acid—is not one that the body can easily absorb. The natural form of folate, which can be found in whole foods, is significantly more utilized.

In addition to the vitamins above, the First Day Women’s Multivitamin has 3 more vitamins incorporated:

  • Biotin: situated in avocado, mushrooms, and cauliflower. supports healthy skin and cellular development.
  • Magnesium: Almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, spinach, and other foods contain it. It supports the development of strong bones.
  • Zinc: Supports the immune system and helps with infections, cuts, and wounds; found in beans.

What Distinguishes First Day Vitamins From Other Multivitamins?

Bioavailable Ingredients

Before being added to their vitamins, every vitamin and nutrient, regardless of where they were obtained, had undergone extensive research. The most bioavailable nutrients are those that can be absorbed by your body.

first day vitamin

Folate is a prime example of this; many vitamin brands contain folic acid, which people with the MTHFR gene mutation are unable to absorb. The absorbable vitamin folate is used in First Day. Your body can process nutrients more easily the higher the bioavailability is.

Science-driven Approach

Their experts created their multivitamins to complement our daily routines using the most recent scientific advancements. They only included these vitamins and nutrients in their multivitamin formulation because it was the result of examining thousands of clinical studies to fully understand what we lack.

In this manner, you ensure that you aren’t getting less of the vitamins you actually need while also avoiding consuming more of a vitamin you already have.

High Quality, Organic Ingredients

Twelve organic fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients are combined to create the First Day total vitamins. All of their vitamins are free of heavy metals and are produced using organic materials.

No Oversupplmentation

To fill in the nutritional gaps before creating First Day Gummy Vitamins, the team conducted research on the vitamins and nutrients that children are frequently deficient in. Other brands of children’s vitamins often contain more than 100% of the recommended daily allowance of certain nutrients.

Furthermore, because the daily values listed on the label may occasionally be based primarily on an adult diet plan, the dosage for children is essentially much higher. Therefore, children who receive too much supplementation may experience nausea or develop other illnesses.

How Much Is First Day Vitamins?

For its vitamin products, First Day accepts both one-time payments and subscriptions.

Each bottle of Women’s Daily Supercharge or Kids Daily Essential costs $35 when purchased separately. The price drops to $30 per bottle if you choose a monthly subscription, though.

Additional discounts are available from First Day if you have more than one child. For instance, if you sign up for a subscription for 2 kids, each bottle will be discounted by $3, and if you opt for 8 kids, each bottle will be reduced to $22.

Customers Reviews

  • “This was the first vitamin that my kids looked forward to taking daily! My kids would not consistently take the various vitamins I had tried in the past. That all changed with First Day, and now giving my kids vitamins is a simple task rather than a chore.”
  • About a week after I bought the women’s vitamins, I’ve already noticed a change. I split the vitamin in half and take it in the morning and afternoon. I no longer feel like I have a burnout period in my day. This is a great addition to my daily diet because I already eat well.”
  • “I started buying these for my two boys well over a year ago, and now I take the women’s versions because they’re great. I no longer struggle to get my boys to take their vitamins.”


A healthy vitamin you can feel good about giving to your loved ones is First Day Vitamins. They contain only the things that your child needs, such as the essential vitamins, and nothing else. They are suitable for people who have food allergies or dietary restrictions and use premium-high quality ingredients.

I consider First Day to be a wonderful company and a fantastic product. Give your children the gummy if they will only take their vitamins in that form. If so, First Day is currently the top-selling gummy vitamin for kids.

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