DoFasting Review: Can It Help You Lose Weight?

dofasting reviews

We are all aware of how challenging it is to follow a diet all the way through to your desired weight loss. If you’ve never fasted before, it might be challenging for you to do so. An eating and fasting pattern can be set up in a variety of ways.

However, not everyone should practice intermittent fasting, particularly those who have certain medical conditions. Due to this, we are bringing you a thorough review of the DoFasting app, which will assist you in beginning your intermittent fasting journey and achieving results quickly. Please continue reading to learn more.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Cycles of eating and fasting are used in intermittent fasting (IF), a weight loss strategy. IF operates in the same way as any other diet intended to help you lose weight: You eat fewer calories than you burn. The body uses up its sugar reserves and burns fat between meals and during a fast.

Not everyone should practice intermittent fasting, especially if they are diabetic, have gastroesophageal reflux disease, are pregnant or nursing, or have a history of eating disorders.

What Is DoFasting?

Christine Zalnieraite, a knowledgeable nutritionist, created DoFasting. Kristina’s main objective when founding the organization that houses the application (app), Fasting Solutions UAB, was to create an app that would provide comprehensive information about intermittent fasting.

For both beginners and experts who want to adhere to a clear intermittent fasting regimen, Kristina tried to make it user-friendly in a way that would appeal to them.

Do-Fasting is a fitness app that promotes healthy living among the online community by offering three different weight loss programs in one. It incorporates fasting, healthy eating, and exercise in a way that is simple to incorporate into your daily routine. The DoFasting app aims to provide a variety of health advantages, such as lowering your risk of inflammation, increasing the secretion of BDNF (a brain hormone), lowering LDL cholesterol, and more.

Early in 2020, DoFasting’s Twitter advertisements placed the company in the middle of significant controversy. According to reports, the ads were main.


  • It encourages intermittent fasting, which has a number of positive effects on the body and the mind.
  • Its supplements are all-natural, organic, and derived from sustainable sources.
  • The supplements DoFasting are made in California.
  • The supplements are completely vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.
  • The mobile application offers educational articles, meal recommendations, workouts, and a simple fasting tracker.


  • Patients who have a long history of eating disorders or other medical issues may not benefit much from it.
  • Fasting Solutions UAB, the organization that founded it, has a checkered past as a result of advertising.
  • If purchased for one month, the mobile application may cost more.

The Procedure For DoFasting

dofasting reviews

The first step entails clicking through a brief quiz. Do you suffer from allergies? You only need to respond to a few questions in order to have a customized fasting plan created just for you.

You can select plans for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month period. When we initially chose the 3-month plan, it only cost us $39, which is a reasonable price for everything it offers.

The app is uncomplicated and attractive. It has daily tasks that keep you focused as well as wholesome recipes organized by categories. You can keep track of your calories, read advice, set up reminders, and choose the workouts you want to do.

Making positive habits will get simpler every day. With your customized exercise schedule, it’s even simpler!

This app gives you the same experience as holding a digital assistant in your hand. Whether your goal is to lose weight or improve your health, the tailored experience and user-friendly design help you stay on track.

You can purchase their own DoFasting supplements to get started on your plan. In addition to giving you the necessary micronutrients for intermittent fasting, these supplements also give you energy and help you manage your appetite.

The DoFasting App: How Do I Use It?

  1. Answer the questions on their website,, about yourself, your objectives, and your level of physical activity. Using this data, app developers can further develop their initial strategy.
  2. Download the app and choose the plan that best fits your needs. The options are the annual plan, the six-month plan, or the three-month plan.

That’s it! Having your own personal functional trainer, nutritional advisor, and motivational coach all in one place is that simple.

DoFasting Smart Scales

With the DoFasting app, the scales are compatible. The application displays all of the data that the scales collect. This way the application gets even more weight, and the user can flawlessly track his/her metrics:

  • Ideal Weight – The best weight for a person’s height, age, and gender is the one that is most closely related to their health and life expectancy.
  • Body Mass Index
  • Basal Metabolic Rate – the minimum amount of calories needed for the human body to function and perform vital functions. It is the number of calories your body needs to maintain normal functioning while at rest. The body’s metabolism is measured by the basal metabolic rate (BMR), which rises in response to any change in metabolic weight, such as exercise.
  • Body Fat (%) – the percentage shows the total mass of fat divided by total body mass. Fat in the body is made up of both stored and necessary fat. For women, a healthy body fat range should be 22–32%, and for men, 10–22%.
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass (%) – it estimates the weight of muscle in a person’s body. Muscles support good posture, support the heart and other internal organs, generate energy to keep the body at a constant temperature and stimulate activity.
  • Bone Mass – the predicted weight of bone minerals in the body. Although it is unlikely that bone mass will change significantly in the near future, it is crucial to maintain healthy bones by eating a balanced diet high in calcium and increasing your physical activity. Keep an eye out for any long-term changes in the bone mass measurement over time.
  • Water – the percentage of total weight that consists of water. Since water makes up 40–70% of our bodies, even small changes in the fluid balance can have a significant impact on function and general health. To prevent dehydration, it’s critical to comprehend the person’s baseline hydration and closely monitor it.
  • Protein Mass (%) – tracks the amount of protein in the body. Proteins are necessary for maintaining, growing, and operating the body. The most crucial class of molecules in the body, after water, is a protein.
  • Body Type – based on muscle structure and body fat levels. The ratio of body fat to muscle mass can gradually change as activity level varies, which may then have an impact on a person’s overall body type.
  • Metabolic Age – depends on the activity level, genetics, height, weight, and actual age.

How Much Does DoFasting Cost?

dofasting reviews

DoFasting’s website doesn’t provide pricing information for app subscriptions; you must fill out a form to learn more. DoFasting currently offers three autorenewal plans: a 3-month plan for $2.96 per week, a 6-month plan for $1.97 per week, and an annual plan for $1.27 per week. Although there is no free trial available, the cost is less than that of the rivals.

Access to useful features like over 5,000 healthy recipes, a library of workouts, a fasting tracker, and the ability to log your food, weight, steps, and water are all included in the fee.

You can access discounted supplements and membership-only supplements by purchasing an app subscription.

As of right now, DoFasting only offers two supplements for purchase on its website: DoFasting Box – Essential Fiber Complex, which costs $69.99 for a month’s supply, and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, which cost $63.99 for a year’s supply.

Although it’s challenging to compare because there are so many supplements on the market, these supplement prices are comparable to those of other options.

Does DoFasting Promote Weight Loss?

Yes, to sum it up, it’s important to understand how it functions.

Your metabolism is maximized, your internal rhythm is restored, and you can benefit from the healthy bacteria in your gut by intermittent fasting. A potent weight loss system is created by these benefits combined.

The process of burning fat begins as your internal systems advance. Overweightness will no longer be a problem. You will be in possession of a successful tool.

When you consider that you will be investing in your health, using this app can help you lose weight without spending a lot of money. Fasting has many well-known advantages and can even cure chronic illnesses.

Some benefits of intermittent fasting are:

  • Prevented development of chronic diseases such as diabetes
  • Body weight loss
  • Improved mental health
  • Anti-aging
  • Improved gastrointestinal health

Customers Review

  • When diluted with water, the flavor thickens, becomes lumpy, and is tolerable. Dissolving the lumps is challenging. Though not the best fasting supplement available, it helps keep you somewhat satisfied.
  • After learning how absurdly expensive it was at the actual store, I bought it. Sadly, Amazon doesn’t have any more of it in stock. However, I LOVE THIS STUFF! As for a product review.!!! It really helps me maintain my fasting without experiencing any cravings. I might finally give in and place an order since I lost 14 pounds in just 3 weeks!!!
  • Did not work for me. If anything made me more hungry

Final Thought

For those who are on a personal fasting plan or have eating disorders, this intermittent fasting app is useful. It is one of the few fitness apps with meal recommendations, doable workouts, and a health monitoring feature.

All of the recipes, exercises, and advice on this app are from medical professionals, which makes it safe. To easily extend your fast, add DoFasting supplements to it.

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