Colon Broom vs Metamucil – Which is Better?

Colon Broom vs Metamucil

Having a smooth bowel movement every day can help us have a healthier body. Fiber supplements containing psyllids are a good choice to improve our digestive tract. But from a large number of supplements and probiotics, which is the best for our digestive system? In this article, we will compare colon bloom and metamucil, two fiber supplements. Let’s see which of these two fiber supplements is more suitable for us? This blog will introduce all the contents of these two products in detail, how they taste, what ingredients they are made of, and their advantages and disadvantages. So once you’ve seen all this, you can find the winner between colon bloom and metamucil.

What is Colon Broom?

Colon Boom is an inorganic supplement that can relieve constipation and diarrhea. Colon bloom fiber based supplements are powdered and can be mixed with water for drinking. Colon bloom helps expel toxins from the body and promotes defecation. It is said that the product can help lose weight, reduce blood sugar levels, improve skin health and improve mood. Some of the main benefits of colonboom supplements are:

  • Body detoxification – the unique basic component complex in colorbloom improves the body’s detoxification process by cleaning the intestines and removing accumulated toxins.
  • Increase weight loss – the main active ingredient in colon bloom – wood lice shell, an all natural bulk laxative – improves the intestinal microbiota, digestive system and cleanses the body.
  • Improve overall health – colon bloom can be combined with a healthy intestinal diet to improve overall health, increase energy levels, and possibly reduce abdominal distension symptoms. Wood lice shell is a main component, derived from the seeds of plantain. Wood lice shell is a kind of fiber, which can absorb water and become a viscous compound, which is conducive to constipation, diarrhea, blood pressure and weight loss.

What is Metamucil?

Metamucil is probably the most popular fiber supplement on the market. Many people like it because metamucil does not contain sugar. Metamucil is a bulk fiber laxative used to treat occasional constipation or intestinal irregularities. When used with a low cholesterol and saturated fat diet, metamucil can also reduce cholesterol. Metamucil increases the volume of your stool and makes your bowel movements regular. It will also increase the water level in the stool, making the stool softer and easier to discharge. Like colonboom, metamucil also contains wood lice shells, which is another benefit of improving its efficiency.

Some of the benefits of metamucil include:

  • May help relieve occasional constipation.
  • It can improve intestinal irregularity.
  • It has the characteristics of reducing cholesterol, especially when combined with a diet with low cholesterol and saturated fat, and can be used to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • It can be used as dietary fiber supplement.
  • Wood lice shell is one of its main components.

ColonBroom VS Metamucil Ingredients

ColonBroom Ingredients

We usually start testing products with only one major component in mind. “Oh, it contains a lot of vitamin C, that’s right!” Or “a lot of protein? That’s what my diet needs!” Every micronutrient is important. It’s not because we try to educate ourselves to limit the brain’s ability with all the medical receipts and unnecessary information. In all cases, people live in medical needs, so it’s a big thing to thoroughly understand what you use.

When comparing these two products, let’s take a look at the first element we studied.

  • Psyllium Husk Powder

Wood lice is a kind of soluble fiber, which can absorb the water in the whole intestinal system and convert it into viscous gel like substances, which can increase the size / softness of the stool and make the stool smooth. In fact, colon broom’s psyllid shell can not only treat constipation, but also be effective in fighting liquid diarrhea, defecation and abdominal distension or painful flatulence. In short, it is a life changing intestinal Saver, which will keep you regular and happy in one mixing.

  • Crystallized lemon

Colon Bloom’s crystalline lemon (in other words, citric acid) is usually found in natural condiments, giving people a sense of stimulation, lemon refreshing and Tangier. It also has a positive effect on constipation, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.

  • Sea salt and silicon dioxide

It is undeniable that sea salt has a great impact on health. Proper use of salt can increase hydration. It can not only replenish water, but also help the kidney detoxify. What about silicon dioxide? There is only one tiny particle and no serious chemicals. It is used to make and keep substances fresh and unexpired.

  • Stevia

Most products contain artificial sweeteners, which may have some negative effects on health. It is worth noting that colon bloom uses Stevia rebaudiana to provide natural sweetness. It is well known that Stevia can promote the reduction of blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

  • ColonBroom Supplement Facts

In addition to the main ingredients, colorbloom also contains a small amount of calcium, potassium, sodium, 20 calories (note that we calculate the calories per share / spoon), and 5 grams of fiber. In one container, there are 60 portions, which means that you can use it once a day for 2 months, or shake it up to twice a day, so that your colon can be cleaned for a month, which is beneficial to your health.

Metamucil Ingredients

Like colonboom, metamucil’s main mother body is the tick shell.

  • Aspartame and Yellow 6

Aspartame and yellow 6 are controversial food additives, which are known to have some negative effects on health; However, the scientific evidence is uncertain and cannot draw a clear conclusion. Aspartame is another word of Nutrasweet – it’s fake sugar.

Maltodextrin in metamucil is another ingredient used as food additive, which can increase the viscosity / viscosity of products, thereby improving their texture and taste. However, maltodextrin has a hyperglycemic index of 85 – 105, which will lead to a sharp rise in blood glucose after ingestion and may be harmful to patients with diabetes.

  • Sucralose

Strangely, sugar is one of the causes of constipation. Drink a cup of sugar laxative every day to relieve constipation? Please connect these points, but don’t list them on the ingredient list. It’s nice to know whether metamucil has sugar options to choose from. However, they use sucralose to provide this sweetness.

Benefits of Colon Broom

Let’s learn about the benefits of this dietary supplement here.

  • Improve the detoxification process of the body

Almost every ingredient of colon bloom focuses on improving the overall detoxification process of the body. Colon bloom enhances the intestinal microbiota and is an excellent choice for our digestive system to fight irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, colon bloom claims that it can provide users with systemic detoxification almost immediately.

  • Used as a body cleanser

Because colon broom contains the shell of wood lice, colon broom can solve gastrointestinal problems and defecate regularly in an appropriate way. This fiber supplement achieves this goal by improving the intestinal microbiota and regulating bowel movements.

  • Smooth defecation

Colon bloom can improve the digestive system. It can relieve constipation by expelling toxins from the stomach and enhancing the performance of intestinal bacteria. This makes our overall defecation more smooth.

  • Very suitable for weight loss

If you want a supplement that aims to lose weight and relieve constipation, only a few people can access the services provided by the colon broom. Because colon bloom is rich in sea salt and stevia, if you often use colon brooms, your weight will steadily drop.

This is because colon brooms can reduce sugar levels and speed up the hydration process.

It also makes us feel full, so we can prevent overeating without fuss. This is why many colon brooms comment that it not only improves the digestive system, but also is a great supplement to weight loss.

  • Stop craving sugar

The desire for sugar can be said to be one of the most annoying reasons why many people cannot maintain good health. No matter how good a supplement you eat, it won’t have much effect if it can’t solve your sugar needs.

This is where the colon broom stands out from the crowd, because unlike other supplements, it does not rely on artificial sweeteners. Instead, it provides natural sweeteners. Therefore, the colon broom’s thirst for sugar and its negative effects are safe.

  • High energy propeller

Colon broom can also be used as an energy to promote your body because of its ingredients. They can not only improve the digestive system, but also improve a person’s overall mood with the elimination of constipation pressure.

Due to this fact, almost all colon bloom comments are full of customer satisfaction and appreciation.

  • Ensure physical and skin health

Another reason to buy a colon broom as an anti constipation supplement is that it ensures that you get and maintain healthy skin and body.

The ingredients in this soluble fiber supplement also provide vitamin C (extracted from crystalline lemon), which is essential to maintain beautiful and smooth skin.

  • Gluten free, vegetarian friendly

Colon brooms are also 100% vegetarian friendly. This is because the purpose of the colon broom is to regulate everyone’s bowel movements, regardless of their food preferences.

Benefits of Metamucil

The health benefits you can enjoy from metamucil include:

  • Improve defecation regulation

Metamucil provides healthy intestines and good bowel movement. It can also make you feel more energetic all day.

Disadvantages of Metamucil:

Using metamucil has many disadvantages; The most common are:

  • It can cause abdominal pain
  • Food additives can have negative effects on the body
  • This is not friendly to ketones
  • Sugar may have adverse effects

Taste Comparison Of Colon Broom And Metamucil

When the two supplements are so similar in composition, it is important to find other differences between them. One of the biggest differences between the two supplements is the taste.

You should drink at most 2 cups a day, so make sure you can stand the taste.

Of course, taste is a personal preference, so you won’t really know it before trying.

Some obvious taste differences can be considered only according to the ingredients. For example, metamucil is an orange flavored drink, and colon bloom is a strawberry flavored drink.

If you don’t like either of these two flavors, or you are allergic to a certain fruit, you should avoid this one and try the other.

Flavor is also affected by sweeteners and other additives. Colon brooms rely entirely on natural Stevia leaf extract as a sweetener.

Metamucil 4-in-1 uses aspartame, maltodextrin and yellow 6.

There is also an alternative metamucil premium blend that uses Stevia leaves instead of aspartame.

According to customer comments, many people like the strong strawberry flavor of colon brooms. Citric acid and crystalline lemon can also significantly enhance flavor.

It is said that metamucil tastes milder. If you don’t like strong taste, you may prefer metamucil.

Colon Broom VS Metamucil: Which to Choose?

So, who will win the colon broom vs metamucil competition? It depends on many variables. If you like the citrus aroma of colon broom, then this is undoubtedly your best choice. If you like other flavors, metamucil is a good choice. Now, considering the health advantages of colon broom and metamucil, we can see that they both have great benefits. If you don’t want to miss all the benefits and are looking for the best and cheaper options, colon broom 3 or 6 bottles is the best choice. On the other hand, metamucil also has shortcomings. Like other fiber supplements, metamucil contains additives and sugar that are harmful to patients with constipation.

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