Sweat App Review: You Must Read!

Sweat App Review: You Must Read!

Women who want to work out effectively and can do it at home or at the gym frequently use the Sweat app. Sweat is without a doubt one of the priciest fitness apps available, if not the priciest.

However, is the $19.99 USD monthly fee for the Sweat app worth it? If you want a highly customized program, the Sweat app is definitely worth it. Sweat might not be the best option for you, though, if you prefer full-length workout videos or lack the necessary funds. Please continue reading if you want to learn more about the Sweat app.

The Sweat App Is What?

The most recent version of BBG from Kayla Itsines is the Sweat app, which has far more customization and functionality than the modest, first-generation eBook.

The Sweat app provides numerous programs based on various objectives, including:

  • High-Intensity Training
  • Strength training
  • Cardio
  • Weight lifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Post Pregnancy
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Yoga
  • And more

How To Use The Sweat App

The first part of the review will take you through our personal experience with the Sweat app and how to use it.

By scrolling to the heading: “Navigation Overview,” you can skip directly to the rest of the review if you don’t want to see it. ‘Which Workout Program Should I Select?

How To Download Sweat

Before making a purchase (more on the cost later), Sweat gives users the chance to download and use their app for free for seven days. This allows you to explore all of the app’s features.

Sweat can be downloaded by searching for it in the app store or by going directly to their website and following the on-screen instructions. Apple and Android devices both support it.

How To Sign Up To Sweat

You are prompted with a series of questions when you first launch the application on your device so that the platform can better understand how to assist you.

Although these queries might not seem important, they are, trust me.

When it comes to health and fitness apps, it is very typical for an app to just have a library of content for you to browse through, where you try to find the best workout on your own.

Rarely do apps spend the time and money necessary to comprehend the user journey and make sure the app can be modified in response to your needs and feedback.

This is where Sweat really excels – its individualization.

You’ll be asked the following inquiries:

  • What plan you would like to subscribe to?
  • How do you want to work out?
  • What are your fitness objectives?
  • Your level of fitness?
  • Where would you prefer to train? (Home or Gym)
  • How would you like to exercise?
  • Which types of training are you interested in?

After filling in the preliminary questions, Sweat will suggest a program that’s best suited to you. The app will optimize your experience after you’ve chosen a program and show you the workouts and meal plan for that program.

Meal Plan

One of the four groups—Standard, Vegetarian, Vegan, or Other (Pescetarian, Lacto-Vegetarian, Ovo-Vegetarian)—can be chosen in the food plan section. Most recipes are labeled as easy with photos so you’ll see what the food will look like at the end.

The food plan is tailored to your goal and designed to meet your micronutrients via 4 meals throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner) together with an extra snack in the morning. Quite easy and adaptable. For added convenience, it also has a shopping list.

Sweat Workouts

Sweat App Review: You Must Read!

You are guided through the training week by the challenging workouts. Your typical week would look something like this:

Strength workout –> Cardio –> Active recovery –> Strength –> Rest

The programs, which vary in style, all adhere to the reps principle (repeated repetitions and/or time-based A/B format). The quicker you finish the number of repetitions, the more intensive and sweaty the training gets.

You won’t find anything new here because the HIIT principle is used by the majority, if not all, fitness apps today because it is the most effective training technique. But if you’re a woman looking for power, Sweat won’t disappoint.


Following the training program while juggling a demanding work schedule is very doable. Resistance workouts vary from 28 minutes to 1 hour in length. If time is important to you, then you can also find quick workout sessions 15-20 minutes long.

Exercises can be combined to fit into a single day. The Weekly Planner is then extremely helpful in such circumstances.


The online neighborhood is also accessible. peer inquiries that are very active about nutrition and advice on how to share and receive support.

In 2018 Forbes estimated Kayla Itsines’ online community to be millions of women around the globe. And from the various topics discussed and frequency of responses it sure does feel huge.

Sweat is exceptional because of this. For people who are on a tight budget, but the community is important then check out Fitness Blender.


In my experience, the majority of women start out wanting to lose weight. Strength, weightlifting, and muscle development come after you’ve made progress and have the drive to keep going. Even their easiest workout program BBG is intense and highly technical.

Level Of Injury Risk

The programs are not customized to accommodate injuries. Additionally, in my opinion, beginners run a higher risk of injury if they downplay the value of warming up and using proper form when performing the repetitions.

All warm-ups in the Sweat app are optional, so my guess is that eventually 9 out of 10 people will skip them if they aren’t necessary for the workout. People typically choose to save time if there is a way to do so because time is limited.

Sweat App Review: You Must Read!

Customer Service

Most questions that might arise are answered in the extensive Q&A section of the Sweat app. If you have any specific questions, you can also email them directly, but it will take 2-3 business days to get a response. Additionally, if you’re unsure which program to enroll in or are a new student, they can assist you in making the right choice.


The Sweat app is available for Android(opens in new tab) and iOS(opens in new tab) users, and it costs $19.99/£14.99 per month or $119/£89 per year. Although it’s not the most affordable workout app available, the subscription grants you complete access to all of the training plans, as well as the on-demand sessions and the recipes, in the app.

In addition to a free trial for new users, there is the option to pay for the app for one month to decide if it is right for you.

Pros And Cons Of The Sweat App


  • The app offers unique workout programs like BBG Beginner, post-pregnancy, power-lifting, and more;
  • You get a one-month free trial which is way more than other apps;
  • The Sweat app allows you to be part of the community, track your progress, and find a diet plan tailored to your goal;
  • You have plenty of options to mix and diversify your workouts to avoid repetitiveness;
  • The Sweat app allows you to progress, challenge yourself, and target specific body parts;
  • Simple workouts, and trackable progress;
  • Decreases time on planning your workouts, easy to stay on track with the Planner;
  • Chapters on hydration, changing your lifestyle, cooking advice, and other topics are included in the Sweat app.


  • Even though some programs are labeled as “home workouts” you’ll still need equipment of some sort (AKA continuing using your gym membership. Top this up with food costs and you get quite an expensive workout plan. There are other cheaper workout apps out there offering the same content while being more user-friendly at the same time (e.g. Jillian Michaels or Centr);
  • I don’t know enough about nutrition and its timings. Simply put, it is insufficient to follow the recommendations of a food app. Most people are not dedicated enough to blindly pursue this. A reason behind why we eat what the food plan says we need to eat might leave a longer and more sustainable impact on people like it’s in the Asana Rebel app;
  • The Sweat app interface makes you stop your workout and constantly mark that you’re done with the set – this negatively interferes with the intensity and workout tempo;
  • Warm-up is optional, not really part of the workout;
  • Lacking information on the form and technique of each exercise;
  • The workout program and meal plan are not personalized to your specific body type.

User Reviews

  • The app has excellent workout options. They’re really great ones, but sadly the food part is sorely lacking. The shopping list cannot be modified, nor can the number of servings. You don’t have any way of knowing how many calories you’re consuming, which could render your workouts useless if you’re over or undereating.
  • I made the $20 payment because I really like the exercises and the design. But this application only makes records when it wants to. I entered all the data (weights, rep range, and equipment) into the detail section, only for it to be removed. Additionally, I continue to receive the message “no history you haven’t done this exercise,” even though the exercise is marked as finished.
  • two stars bc it’s not user-friendly. Additionally, there is no way to undo it when it claims I’ve finished an exercise when I haven’t. I wish I could give it 2.5 stars though because when you are actually able to do one of the exercises, you really sweat.


If you’re looking for an app to take your first steps back into fitness, get stronger, or learn how to use those scary-looking machines in the gym, you’ll find a training plan for you on the Sweat app.

Although the Sweat app has some fantastic and efficient workouts, it is better suited for intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiasts rather than beginners. There is obviously no introduction phase that would gradually advise the newcomers not to overtrain.

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