Archwell Health Review: Care For Seniors

Archwell Health

In order to help members live healthier lives by providing them with a higher level of care and a more satisfying experience, ArchWell Health centers will concentrate on offering comprehensive primary care for seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. We will introduce Archwell Health to you in this article.

Basic Information

  • Founders: Andrew Hayek, W. Carl Whitmer
  • Operating Status: Active
  • Legal Name: ArchWell Health
  • Contact Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 913) 944-8486
  • Address: 11605 E 23rd St. S Independence MO 64050

In 2020, Triple Aim Partners and founding CEO Carl Whitmer establish Archwell Health.

It seeks to transform how primary care doctors relate to their patients by putting a relationship at the heart of a coordinated, data-driven approach to high-quality, well-care in a welcoming, communal setting created for the special requirements of the senior population.

What Does Archwell Health Do

Primary care is being rethought by ArchWell Health. In a value-based model that prioritizes an exceptional patient experience, better access, and better outcomes, we are placing the relationship between the patient and the doctor at its core.

With a focus on achieving the Triple Aim of better quality, better patient experience, and lower overall cost of care, we offer comprehensive primary care in our medical clinics for senior adults with traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

It takes a multidisciplinary, team-based approach that is organized and proactive. It offers its patients quick and easy access to care through telehealth visits, patient-provider relationships, and cozy neighborhood clinics.

Archwell Health

Patients have better outcomes and continuity of care because there are fewer patients per doctor. Additionally, primary care doctors are assisted by social, nutritional, and behavioral care providers who work right in the clinic.

All of this is supported by a data-driven technology strategy to deliver highly coordinated care for each patient close to home.

Regardless of their financial situation, the company wants to give seniors access to high-quality healthcare and options for healthy living.

With the aim of empowering members to live healthier lives by providing them with a higher level of care and a more positive experience, ArchWell Health centers will concentrate on providing comprehensive primary care for seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.

What Makes Archwell Health Different

It differs from the typical doctor’s office in many ways. Here’s how:

  • Senior Focused

Senior care is its area of expertise. It’s all it do.

  • Your Time

It has more availability and same-day appointments because it sees fewer patients, allowing us to keep our attention on you.

  • Whole Health

Instead of just treating your ailments, it works to keep you healthy.

  • Your Team

On-site imaging, resource support, and many specialty services will also be offered by your team.

  • One Stop

In addition to picking you up and dropping you off, it will schedule any necessary surgeries or specialty care, offer 24-hour service, and set up telehealth visits.

Seniors can socialize, thrive, and take pleasure in life there.

  • Centers are designed with seniors’ comfort and convenience in mind
  • A vibrant community with fitness classes, board and card games and other activities
  • Exercise facilities and instruction
  • Social opportunities to connect with other seniors
  • If needed, door-to-door transportation for members to and from ArchWell Health centers is provided

Reasons To Work With Archwell Health

You look after its inhabitants. It desires to see to it that you are taken care of. As a coworker at ArchWell Health, you’ll receive a comprehensive benefits package, a retirement plan, plenty of vacation time, and ongoing opportunities for professional development.


  • Competitive health benefits package with individual and family options
  • Life and AD&D insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for tax-favored benefits
  • 401(k) Retirement
  • Colleague Assistance Program
  • Paid Parental Leave Program
  • Generous paid time off program, including company holiday schedule and annual community volunteer day


  • Be Compassionate

Uncertainty and fear are common among the members who come to us. Treat them like family because, at ArchWell Health, they are.

  • Strive for Excellence

Make it a habit to strive for excellence. Every employee must strive to be their best if the company is to be the best; this starts with the company as a whole.

  • Earn Trust

Trust must be earned; it is not given. Utilize each opportunity to gain the members’ trust by being honest and forthright during every discussion, appointment, and task.

  • Show Respect

It will always treat you with respect, and we expect everyone on our team to do the same for the members, communities, and one another.

  • Stay Resilient

It doesn’t matter if you slip and fall occasionally. It’s important to get back up and keep working toward your objectives. 

  • Always Do the Right Thing

It’s not always simple to do what’s right. However, it’s the one decision you’ll never second-guess making. 

Archwell Health In Charlotte, North Carolina

In order to ensure that seniors receive the care and assistance they require, ArchWell Health wants to serve as a local resource.

The only insurance plans they currently accept are those from Cigna and United Healthcare, though they add that having a Medicare advantage plan is also beneficial.

In addition to primary healthcare, they work with seniors 65 and older in a variety of other areas. In the neighborhood, ArchWell Health is planning bingo nights, special social events, and wellness initiatives.  

Seniors should be aware that they are not in this battle alone and can seek assistance from ArchWell Health in a number of ways.

St. Louis’ Archwell Health Louis

The initial St. Louis location of ArchWell Health St. Louis vicinity, at 199 N. On Thursday at 10 a.m., a ribbon-cutting ceremony will mark Florissant Road’s grand opening in Ferguson. and public tours, free food, giveaways and entertainment from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The other three centers are as follows:

  • 315 Aubert Avenue is the location of ArchWell Health of North Kingshighway. in St. Louis
  • at 4650 Chippewa St., ArchWell Health of South City. in St. Louis
  • At 9150 Overland Plaza in Overland is ArchWell Health of Overland.

According to Chief Strategy Officer Chris Cavanaugh, the business has long-term leases on each of its locations. She refused to say how much it cost to build out the clinics.

In its planned multistate rollout, only the Ferguson location of ArchWell has opened; the first was a clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. 15 clinics are currently being built, according to a February statement from ArchWell.

Over the following few years, the company expects to continue adding centers, according to its stated plans. 

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